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Dr Nicholas Zair

Dr  Nicholas Zair

Junior Research Fellow at Peterhouse

JRF/Postdoc Representative (2013/14)

Trumpington St

Research Interests

The history and development of Proto-Indo-European and the Indo-European languages, in particular the Italic and Celtic language families. Indo-European phonology and morphology, mechanisms of sound change, and language classification. I am currently working on the historical phonology of the Sabellic languages of Ancient Italy (Oscan, Umbrian, South Picene ).

Key Publications

2012. The Reflexes of the Proto-Indo-European Laryngeals in Celtic. Leiden & Boston: Brill 


Forthcoming. The future perfect in Oscan and Umbrian, and the δ-perfect in South Picene. Transations of the Philological Society.

Forthcoming 2013. Latin glārea ‘gravel’. Historische Sprachforschung 126

2013. Oscan ϝουρουστ and the Roccagloriosa law tablet (with
Katherine McDonald). Incontri Linguistici 35 [2012], 31-48

2013. Individualism in “Osco-Greek” orthography. In Esther-Miriam Wagner, Ben Outhwaite & Bettina Beinhoff (eds.), Scribes as Agents of Language Change, 217-26. Berlin: De Gruyter

2012. British *-āw- and *-āg-, and the Celtic words for ‘sun’. Die Sprache 49, 194-208

2012. Reconstructing the Brittonic future/present subjunctive. Journal
of Celtic Linguistics 14, 87-110

2012. Schrijver’s rules for British and Proto-Celtic *ow and *uw before a vowel. In Philomen Probert & Andreas Willi (eds.), Laws and Rules in Indo-European, 147-60. Oxford: Oxford University Press

2012. A new environment for laryngeal loss in Proto-Celtic. In Benedicte Nielsen Whitehead et al. (eds.), The Sound of Indo-European. Phonetics, Phonemics and Morphophonemics, 613-30

2011. PIE ‘bird’ and ‘egg’ after Schindler. Münchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft 65, 287-310
2011. OIr cuae, MW keu, MB queu ‘hollow’. Ériu 61, 165-8
2009. OIr. biid < *bhuH-ye/o- and ‘hiatus’ verbs. In Stephanie Jamison, Craig Melchert & Brent Vine (eds.), Proceedings of the 20th UCLA Indo-European Conference: Los Angeles 2008, 213-20. Bremen: Hempen Verlag Münchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft 65, 287-310

Upcoming events

Sometimes all that glitters is gold

Oct 10, 2016

Faculty of Classics, Room G.19

Mycenaean Seminar

Oct 12, 2016

Faculty of Classics, Room 1.11

Literature Seminar

Oct 12, 2016

Faculty of Classics, Room 1.04

Ancient History Seminar

Oct 17, 2016

Faculty of Classics, Room G.21

Archaeology Seminar

Oct 18, 2016

Faculty of Classics, Room 1.04

Upcoming events

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New Discovery

Sep 20, 2016

Professor Jack Davis and Dr Sharon Stocker (Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati), ‘Sometimes All That Glitters Is Gold: The Tomb of the Griffin Warrior at Pylos’, 5 pm on Monday 10 October. To reserve your place please reply to by Monday 3 October.

Temporary University Lectureships in Classics (Ancient History)

Aug 31, 2016

Applications are welcome for two temporary lectureships in Classics (Ancient History) from 01 January 2017. Please see the Jobs & Vacancies page for further information.

Vacancy - Research Associate (Archaeology)

Aug 30, 2016

Applications are sought for a Research Associate (Archaeology) from 01 November 2016. For more information and details on how to apply, please see the Jobs & Vacancies page.

Celebrating Cambridge Classics

Aug 19, 2016

Tim Whitmarsh, A. G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture, will deliver his Inaugural Lecture, “Oedipus the Atheist”, on Friday 14 October at 5pm in the Little Hall, Sidgwick Site. This begins a weekend of Classics celebrations including the Greek Play and a Symposium on Greek Drama at Newnham College.

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