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Dr Renaud Gagné

Dr Renaud Gagné

University Reader in Ancient Greek Literature and Religion

Fellow of Pembroke College

Pembroke College, Cambridge, CB2 1RF
Office Phone: 01223 338130

Research Interests

Early Greek Poetry

Greek Religion

Greek Drama

Ancient Cultural History

History of Classical Scholarship

Key Publications

▪ “What is the Pride of Halicarnassus?” Classical Antiquity 25.1 (2006): 1-33.

▪ “L’esthétique de la peur chez Empédocle,” Revue de philosophie ancienne 24.3 (2006): 83-110.

▪ “Inherited Guilt in E. R. Dodds,” Quaderni di storia 67 (2007): 16-33.

▪ “Winds and Ancestors: The Physika of Orpheus,” Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 103 (2007): 1-24.

▪ “The Sins of the Fathers: C.A. Lobeck and K.O. Müller,” Kernos: Revue internationale et pluridisciplinaire de religion grecque ancienne 21 (2008): 109-124.

▪ “Themis at Eleusis: Clement of Alexandria, Protrepticus 2.22.5” (with Miguel Herrero), Classical Quarterly 59.1 (2008): 270-274.

▪ “Spilling the Sea Out of its Cup: Solon's Elegy to the Muses,” Quaderni urbinati di cultura classica 133 (2009): 23-49.

▪ “Atreid Ancestors in Alkaios,” Journal of Hellenic Studies 129 (2009): 39-43.

▪ “A Wolf at the Table: Sympotic Perjury in Archilochus,” Transactions of the American Philological Association 139.2 (2009): 249-272.

▪ “Mystery Inquisitors: Performance, Sacrilege, and Authority at Eleusis,” Classical Antiquity 28.2 (2009): 211-247.

▪ “Works and Nights” (with Regina Höschele), Cambridge Classical Journal 55 (2009): 59-72.

▪ “Invisible Kin: Works and Days 280-285 and the Myth of Races,” Hermes. Zeitschrift für klassische Philologie 138.1 (2010): 1-21.

▪ “The Poetics of Exoleia in Homer,” Mnemosyne. A Journal of Classical Studies 62 (2010): 353-380.

▪ “Haereditarium Piaculum: Aspects of Ancient Greek Religion in the 17th Century,” Gewalt und Opfer. Im Dialog mit Walter Burkert, ed. A. Bierl and W. Braungart, Berlin: Walter de Gruyter (MEP 2) (2011): 115-148.

▪ “Une carte de mémoires: l'épigramme de Salmacis,” Griechische Heiligtümer als Erinnerungsorte. Von der Archaik bis den Hellenismus, ed. M. Haake and M. Jung, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag (2012): 129-163.

Ancestral Fault in Ancient Greece, Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Choral Mediations in Greek Tragedy, co-editor (with M. Hopman), Cambridge University Press, 2013.

▪ “The Chorus in the Middle” (with Marianne Hopman), Choral Mediations in Greek Tragedy, ed. R. Gagné and M. Hopman, Cambridge University Press (2013): 1-35.

▪ “Dancing Letters: The Alphabetic Tragedy of Kallias,” Choral Mediations in Greek Tragedy, ed. R. Gagné and M. Hopman, Cambridge University Press (2013): 282-307.

Sacrifices humains. Perspectives croisées et représentations, co-editor (with P. Bonnechere), Presses Universitaires de Liège (Collection Religions: Comparatisme -- Histoire -- Anthropologie), 2014.

▪ “Zeus Laphystios and Athamas (Herodotus 7.197),” Sacrifices humains. Perspectives croisées et représentations, ed. P. Bonnechere and R. Gagné, Liège (2014): 101-118.

▪ “Le sacrifice humain : un phénomène au fil d’Ariane évanescent” (with Pierre Bonnechere), Sacrifices humains. Perspectives croisées et représentations, ed. P. Bonnechere and R. Gagné, Liège (2014): 7-20.

▪ “Poétiques de la chrèsmodie : l'oracle de Glaukos (Hérodote 6.86),” Kernos: Revue internationale et pluridisciplinaire de religion grecque ancienne 26 (2014): 95-109.

▪ “‘How Should I Hymn You?’ Literary Evidence: Poetry,” The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Greek Religion, ed. Esther Eidinow and Julia Kindt, Oxford University Press (2015): 83-96.

▪ “La Catabase Aérienne de Thespésios : Le Statut du Récit,” Les Études Classiques 83 (2015) : 313-328.

▪ “The World in a Cup: Ekpomatics In and Out of the Symposium,” The Cup of Song: Ancient Greek Poetry and the Symposium, ed. V. Cazzato, D. Obbink, and E. Prodi, Oxford University Press (2016): 207-229.

▪ “Who's afraid of Cypselus? Contested Theologies and Dynastic Anathēmata,” Theologies of Ancient Greek Religion, ed. Esther Eidinow, Julia Kindt, Robin Osborne, Cambridge University Press (2016): 62-88.

▪ “Hier ist ein Theomorphism, kein Anthropomorphism! Réceptions des 'dieux semblables à des étrangers' (Odyssée 17.484-487),” Les Dieux d'Homère. Les limites de l'anthropomorphisme, ed. R. Gagné and M. Herrero, Presses Universitaires de Liège (forthcoming).

▪ “The Battle for the Irrational: Greek Religion 1920-1950,” Eric Robertson Dodds, ed. S. Harrison, C. Pelling, C. A. Stray, Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

▪ “Cosmic Choruses: Metaphor and Performance,” Cosmos in the Ancient World, ed. P. S. Horky, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming).

▪ “Hyperboreans, Arimaspians and Issedones: Mirages of Ethnicity and the Overnorth in Book 4 of the Histories,” Ethnicity in Herodotus, ed. T. Figueira and C. Soares, Routledge (forthcoming).

Upcoming events

Drink and Draw

May 26, 2017

Cast Gallery, Museum of Classical Archaeology

Laurence Seminar 2017

May 29, 2017

G21, Faculty of Classics

Upcoming events

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Laurence Seminar: Monday 29 – Wednesday 31 May 2017

May 16, 2017

Details of this year’s Laurence seminar, Freedom of speech, censorship and the ancient world, are now available online.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships

Apr 21, 2017

Information on the next round of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships is now available online.

Craven Seminar, 1-3 June 2017

Apr 04, 2017

A provisional programme for this seminar on ‘Eschatology and Apocalypse in Graeco-Roman literature’ in now online.

Greek Play 2016 Videos now on line

Feb 07, 2017

Highlights and a full length video of the Cambridge Greek Play 2016, a double bill of Antigone and Lysistrata, are now available to view on line.

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