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Library help

Library help is a University-wide resource to help with any Library queries, from libraries opening hours to borrowing rights in the different Cambridge libraries, finding resources etc.

How do I search the catalogue?

The combined catalogue for Cambridge Libraries is called Newton and there are links to it throughout these Library webpages. Due to the number of libraries in Cambridge, there are a number of catalogues for specific libraries / collections.

In Newton, libraries are listed alphabetically by department or faculty, and by college name.  The University Library has a separate catalogue.

Tip: Hover over a question mark to see which libraries are included in any of the catalogues.

You need to choose 'Departments and Faculties A-E' to search for books in the Classical Faculty Library.


Basic Search

To limit your search to just the Classical Faculty Library click on the “Limit To” box and select “Classical Faculty Library”.


  • If you’re searching for a specific phrase in the Keyword search, put it in quotation marks: “greek tragedy”
  • If you’re looking for items by using the Author search, put the surname first:  easterling P 
  • Type the first words of a Title or Journal Title search, but don’t include initial articles – e.g. poet's voice.

For Journals, enter words from the journal title and select Journal Title from the drop-down menu on the right.

Click on the journal title to see the full record, and scroll down to find the holding details for the Library.

The University Library catalogue holds the records for electronic journals: click on the Links field to access the electronic version.

Tip: it’s important to remember that only the journal title appears in Newton, not the details of individual articles in each issue of the journal. For those, you can try LibrarySearch+.


Advanced Search

Using Advanced Search you can choose where Newton will look for your keywords within a record. You can select specific fields to search (such as ‘Author’, ‘Title’, or ‘Subject’). You can also combine your search terms in a variety of ways. This makes Advanced Search a very powerful and precise way of searching the catalogue.


Tip: Advanced Search is an excellent way to find material on a particular topic or theme, when you don’t have specific titles to look for.


Your search results are listed with the title and author listed first, followed by classmark, library location and status. If the entry "Multiple holdings available" appears, then more than one classmark is associated with the title: click on the title for more details.

The status indicates whether the book is on loan. If "no data item available"  is shown then the book has no barcode (i.e. it is missing or not borrowable, for example a journal).

Newton offers you ways to filter your results. After searching, filter your results by selecting one of the options in the right-hand menu on the results display. For instance, you may wish to see only recent results (select ‘Add filter: 2000 and after’), or only journal material (select ‘Add filter: Journals’).

You can also choose to add limits before you search. Click the drop-down Limit To menu and choose an option, for example: recently published items, journals or electronic material. There are more options available under Advanced Search, including date range, place of publication and language.

For more help, see the University Library's page on Catalogue Guides, the Newton Catalogue Help page or ask at the Issue Desk.

How do I renew my books?

  1. Go to the A-E Newton catalogue
  2. Click on the link Your Account at the top right of the screen.
  3. Enter your barcode. This is the 5-character code printed on the reverse of your blue University Card, or on the front of your white University Library card.

  4. Enter your surname in the next box.

  5. Select Classic Library from the Choose your Library drop-down menu.

  6. Click the Login button.

  7. The On Loan section lists the items you have borrowed. Click in the Renew? checkbox next to any items that you wish to renew.

  8. Finally, click the Renew Items button.

The page will now refresh and should give you updated due dates for items which have been successfully renewed. 

You cannot renew books from Classics if:

  • You have overdue books
  • You have an outstanding fine
  • The book has been requested by another reader
  • The book is a Short Loan 

How do I recall a book?

If you require a book that is currently on loan, you can recall it. You will be notified by email when the item is available for you. If the due date is more than one week away, the loan period is shortened to one week only. If you require the book urgently, Library staff can ask the current borrower to return it sooner: please ask at the Issue Desk.

  1. Using any search available in the Catalogue, find the item you are interested in.

  2. Under Actions in the right-hand menu, click on Recall.

  3. Enter your barcode. This is the 5-character code printed on the reverse of the blue University Card, or on the front of the white University Library card.

  4. Enter your surname or family name in the next box.

  5. Click the Login button.

  6. From the drop-down menu, select Recall and click OK.

  7. If required to select a specific volume or copy, check the appropriate box.

  8. You will need to enter your Barcode again to confirm the recall. The comment box may be used to indicate any specific needs.

  9. Finally, click on Submit request.

If you try to recall an item that is not on loan, the message appears: "This item cannot be requested online."

How do I suggest a book for the library?

If there is a book you think the Library should have, or if you think the Library should have more copies of a particular book, please use the following form. Please check the Newton catalogue first to see if we already have the item.

Opening Hours and Contact Details

Full Term: Monday - Friday 09.00 - 19.00; Saturday 09.00 - 18.00 

Vacation: Monday - Friday 09.00 - 17.00; not open on Saturdays.

Please note: the Library door locks 10 minutes before closing time.

Tel: +44 (0)1223 335154

The combined catalogue of libraries in the University


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