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Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar

Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar

Fridays at 17.15 in Room 1.11

All Graduates are warmly invited to attend the Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar (GIS) series, which will be running on Friday evenings throughout the Term. The Seminar format is usually two twenty-minute papers, each followed by questions and discussion, or one paper followed by a ‘snippet’ (a shorter presentation focusing on a more specific issue or problem, to be discussed at greater length). The GIS provides an ideal forum for discussing new ideas and developing presentational skills in a relaxed, friendly and supporting environment. The Seminars are always followed by drinks and dinner at a nearby pub, to which everyone is welcome

20 January

Sarah Sheard, “saxea ut effigies bacchantis; a re-evaluation of Ariadne in Roman visual culture” 

Lea Niccolai, “Religious Identity in Late Antique Cyrenaica: Synesius the Bishop and the Case of the ‘House of Hesychios”


27 January

Sam Sharma, “GIS does GIS: The Potential and Pitfalls of Mapping the Past through Geographical Information Systems”

Francesca Modini, “Where the Eagles Fly: Rethinking Aelius Aristides’ Reception of Pindar”


3 February

Ludovico Pontiggia, “Embracing Athena Parthenos’ Aegis: Theseus’ Shield in Statius, Thebaid 12.665-676”

Katherine Krauss, “Romanization of Romance: the Use and Abuse of Homer and Virgil in the Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri”.


10 February

Alexander Hardwick, “Microcosm of peacetime: re-gendering the war at Troy”.

Teresa Röger, “Augustine, Confessions 12: an essay on interpretation”


17 February

Gabriele Rota, “Florentine Treasures. Classical manuscripts of Poggio Bracciolini in the Laurentian Library”.

Tamara Saggini, “Eretria at the Turn of the Archaic and Classical Periods: a New Pit of the Persian Destruction”


24 February

Michael Loy, “In a Boat or in an Armchair? Charting Routes around the Aegean Sea”

Robert Rohland, “Getting a grasp on time. The emergence of a haptic conception of time in archaic Greek literature”



3 March

Ester Salgarella, “Mind the Gap! Investigating the Linear A to Linear B Transmission Process”

Daniel Anderson, "Greek Word-Division Puns from Homer to Hermesianax"


10 March

Antonia Schrader, “Stages of Undress in Athenian Drama”

Chiara Monaco, “Linguistic Purism in Middle and New Comedy”



For further information please contact the organisers:

Lea Niccolai (ln294) and Gabriele Rota (gr351).

We look forward to seeing as many Graduates there as possible.

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