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Augustan and Imperial Latin Poetry | Cicero | Late Latin Literature | Classical Reception


Key publications: 


Werkpolitik in der Antike. Studien zu Cicero, Vergil, Horaz und Ovid. München: C.H. Beck, 2016 (Zetemata: Monographien zur Klassischen Altertumswissenschaft 152).

(ed. with R. Laemmle, K. Wesselmann) Lists and Catalogues in Ancient Literature and Beyond. Towards a Poetics of Enumeration. Berlin/New York: de Gruyter, 2021 (Trends in Classics Suppl. Volumes 107)

(ed. with H. Harich-Schwarzbauer) Women and Objects in Antiquity. Trier: wvt, 2022 (IPHIS 12).

(ed. with G. Manuwald) Cicero: Opera omnia, edidit Andreas Cratander, Basel 1528. Reproduction of the copy of the University Library in Basel, 2 vols. with an introductory vol. by CSL and GM. Basel: Schwabe 2022


Selected articles:

(with R. Laemmle) Homer on Kithairon. Negotiating Narrative and Dramatic Representation in Euripides’ Bacchae, The Classical Journal108/2 (2012/2013) 129–158.

Martial on Ovid on Ovid. Mart. 11.104, The Remedia Amoris, and Saturnalian Poetics, Classical World 107/3 (2014) 319–345.

Einige Pendenzen. Weben und Text in der antiken Literatur, in H. Harich-Schwarzbauer (ed.), Texts and Textiles in the Ancient World. Materiality, Representation, Episteme, Metapoetics. Oxford: Oxbow, 2015, 167–208.

(with P. Schierl) Herrscherbilder. Optatian und die Strukturen des Panegyrischen, in M. Squire, J. Wienand (eds.), Morphogrammata. The Lettered Art of Optatian. Figuring Cultural Transformations in the Age of Constantine and Beyond. München: Fink, 2016, 283–318. 

Last Words. Cicero’s Late Works and the Poetics of a Literary Legacy, in A. Gavrielatos (ed.), Self-Presentation and Identity in the Roman World, Newcastle: CSP, 2017, 17–36.

Lob – Reden – Schreiben. Szenen eines prekären Verhältnisses, in C. Ritter-Schmalz, R. Schwitter (eds.), Die Materialität des Textes. Alltägliche Präsenz und literarische Reflexion in der antiken Schriftkultur, Berlin/New York: de Gruyter, 2019, 261–286.

Starring Hypatia. Amenábar’s Ágora and the Tropology of Reception, in D. LaValle Norman, A Petkas (eds.), Hypatia of Alexandria. Her Context and Legacy. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2020, 209–237.

Cataloguing Contemporaries. Ovid, Ex Ponto 4.16 in Context, in Laemmle/Scheidegger Laemmle/Wesselmann 2021, 361–400.

Discussing Female Statuary. An Archaeology of the Statue of Libertas in Cicero’s De domo sua, in Harich-Schwarzbauer/Scheidegger Laemmle 2022, 265–292.

For a fuller account of publications please see:

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Bye-Fellow in Classics, Downing College
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Latest news

Soundmarks Project

12 February 2024

Soundmarks, an art/archaeology collaboration between Rose Ferraby, Cambridge Archaeologist, and Rob St John using sound and visual art launches at DIG in York. In 2019 the pair created work exploring and animating the sub-surface landscape of Aldborough Roman Town in North Yorkshire, UK. Soundmarks Aldborough was re-shown...

Vacancy: Assistant Professor in Latin literature

8 February 2024

The Faculty of Classics is seeking to appoint an Assistant Professor in Classics (Latin literature) from 01 September 2024. The role is open to those, at any stage in their career, with a primary research interest in Latin literature. The successful candidates will have, or be expected to develop, a record of world-class...

Publication: The New Documents in Mycenaean Greek

24 January 2024

The Faculty of Classics is proud to announce the publication of The New Documents in Mycenaean Greek , edited by John Killen FBA, the Emeritus Professor of Mycenaean Greek. More than a dozen leading Mycenologists have contributed chapters and sections to this seminal work in two volumes, comprised of more than 1100 pages...

Launch of the Faculty of Classics portal on the Cambridge Digital Library

15 January 2024

The Cambridge Digital Library has launched a dedicated Faculty of Classics portal . The first two collections feature digitized archival material from the Papers of Alan J. B. Wace, Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology 1934-1944. Digital Thessaly features Alan Wace’s notebooks and photographs from his 1908-1910...