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Dr Estelle Strazdins

Dr Estelle Strazdins

Research Associate and Assistant Editor of the Oxford History of the Archaic Greek World

Research Associate, Homerton College


I trained as a physiotherapist at La Trobe University before working briefly in public hospitals in Melbourne, Australia. I then did undergraduate and MA studies in Classics at the University of Melbourne before beginning a DPhil in Classical Languages and Literature at Balliol College and the University of Oxford. Between completing my doctorate and taking up the position at Cambridge, I held a number of research fellowships for work in Greece and Turkey, taught at the British School at Athens, and carried out consultant research for the Virtual Reality company

Areas of expertise

Ancient History (C):

Research Interests

The cultural history of Greece, especially Roman Greece and imperial Greek culture; Archaic Greek history and Roman history; Greek and Latin literature; Monuments, memory, commemoration; Reception and the Classical tradition; Identity and ethnicity

I am a Research Associate and Assistant Editor of the ‘Oxford History of the Archaic Greek World’ project (OHAGW), overseen by Prof Paul Cartledge (Cambridge) and Prof Paul Christesen (Dartmouth). This project will produce six volumes, to be published with OUP (New York), that provide an archaeohistory of 29 important sanctuaries and cities throughout the Greek world in the Archaic period (c. 700 – 450 BCE). The project aims to extend in-depth study of this period of Greek history beyond the polities of Athens and Sparta, and to give equal weight to both written sources and material culture.

Beyond OHAGW, my own interdisciplinary research focuses on Greeks in the Roman empire. I am particularly interested in imperial Greek temporality and modes of commemoration. A secondary research interest is the creation of the idea of Classical Greece and the discipline of Classics via the use made of the second-century CE travel-writer Pausanias by western European travellers to Greece (1650-1914 CE) to decipher the landscapes and ruins they encountered ‘on the ground’.


Key Publications

Forthcoming monograph: 

Controlling the Future: Self-Commemoration in Imperial Greek Culture (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Forthcoming book chapters:

‘Herodes Atticus, Hadrian, and the Antonines: Mediating Power and Self-Promotion in Achaea through Public and Private Display’, in C. Davenport and S. Malik (eds.), Representing Rome’s Emperors: Historical and Cultural Perspectives through Time (Volume prospectus under review with OUP).

Anabasis as Monument: Arrian, Xenophontic Space, and Cultural Authority’, in T. Rood and M. Tamiolaki (eds), Xenophon’s Anabasis and its Reception: A Companion (Volume prospectus under review with CUP).

Articles and book chapters:

2019. ‘The King of Athens: Philostratus’ Portrait of Herodes Atticus’, Classical Philology 114.2: 238-64.

2007. ‘Conqueror of Flood, Wielder of Fire: Noah, the Hebrew Superhero’, in W. Haslem, A. Ndalianis, C. Mackie (eds.), Super/Heroes (Washington: New Academia Press), 275-87.

2005. ‘Transforming Fire: The Effect of Technology on Humanity in Hesiod’s Prometheus Myth and the Watcher Myth of 1 Enoch’, Comparative Critical Studies 2.2: 285-96.

Conference proceedings chapter:

2008. ‘The Sophistic Dilemma: Contemporary Fame Versus a Literary Legacy in Lucianus’s Dream’, in Mustafa Çevik (ed.), Uluslararasi Samsatli Lucianus Sempozyumu/International Symposium on Lucianus of Samosata (Adıyaman Üniversitesi), 99-110.



Upcoming events

Classical Archaeology Seminar

Jan 21, 2020


Literature Seminar

Jan 22, 2020


Philological Society

Jan 23, 2020


Philosophy Seminar

Jan 23, 2020


Upcoming events

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