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Dr Sophia M. Connell

Dr Sophia M. Connell

Affiliated Lecturer

Fellow & College Lecturer at Selwyn College

College Lecturer at Newnham College


BA Philosophy, McGill Canada; MPhil, PhD Classics, Cambridge

Research Interests

Aristotle's Biology, Logic and Ethics; Plato's Republic; modern applied ethics

Research Supervision

Ancient Philosophy and Modern Feminism

Other Professional Activities

Fellow, Philosophy Lecturer and Admissions Tutor, Selwyn College; Philosophy Lecturer, Newnham College

Key Publications

Aristotle on Female Animals: A Study of the Generation of Animals. Cambridge Classical Studies Series, Cambridge University Press, January 2016

'Aristotle's Explanations of Monstrous Births and Deformities in Generation of Animals 4.4' in A. Falcon and D. Lefebvre (eds.) The Generation of Animals and Aristotle's Philosophy, Cambridge University Press, 2017

'Mothering and Intelligence in Aristotle's Biology and Ethics' in D. Sfendoni-Mentzou (ed.) Proceedings of Aristotle World Congress, forthcoming.

'An Integrated Approach to Aristotle as a Biological Philosopher' Review of Metaphysics, vol.55, December 2001.

'Aristotle and Galen on Sex Difference and Reproduction: A New Approach to an Ancient Rivalry' Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, vol. 31, No. 3, pp.405-427, 2000.


Upcoming events

Nudity and Adornment in Greek and Indian Art

Oct 17, 2017

Cast Gallery, Museum of Classical Archaeology

Recitativo: Fragments - after Lucretius and Negri

Oct 20, 2017

Cast Gallery, Museum of Classical Archaeology

Big Saturday at the Museum of Classical Archaeology

Oct 21, 2017

Cast Gallery, Museum of Classical Archaeology

Incredible India: Sanskrit Myths and Truths

Oct 21, 2017

Room G.19, Faculty of Classics/Museum of Classical Archaeology

It's a Kind of Magic

Oct 24, 2017

Cast Gallery, Museum of Classical Archaeology

Upcoming events

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