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I completed my MPhil in Classics in Cambridge (2018), following a Bachelor’s in Archaeology and History of Art at the University of Athens (2017). My doctorate focuses on the material evidence of Roman Greece, particularly on portraits, as a means of examining the transformation of Hellenic identity during the high Imperial period (ca. late first to third centuries C.E.), wherein we can trace a multifarious interplay between Roman authority and Hellenic culture. My thesis raises the question: When did Graecia capta become Graecia Romana? Following a bottom-up approach, I concentrate on private portraits from mainland Greece, thus seeking to examine the imperial Greeks’ own ‘becoming Roman, staying Greek’ story. By deploying not only detailed analysis of sculptural evidence but also, where possible, archaeological context, as well as contemporary literary testimonia, my PhD project sets out to investigate aspects of contemporary portraiture which enhance our understanding of pivotal historical and cultural developments. 



    • The Art and Visual Culture of the Graeco-Roman East 
    • Hellenistic Sculpture 
    • Roman Portraiture 
    • Provincial identity in the Roman Empire 
    • Self-Presentation Strategies in Classical Antiquity
    • Late Antique and Early Byzantine Art 

    Teaching and Supervisions

    Research supervision: 

    I supervise undergraduates at various colleges for part IA and part II papers on Graeco-Roman art and archaeology.

    Supervisor: Professor Caroline Vout
    College: Magdalene College
    Thesis Title: From Greek to Roman: Portraits and Identity in Roman Greece
     Georgios  Koukovasilis
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