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The Bean Archive has been fully digitised and searchable online.

The catalogue is hosted by the Fitzwilliam Museum.


Catalogue Overview

The catalogue is arranged by the envelopes in which they were originally contained in the suitcase. Generally speaking, each envelope relates to roughly the same geographical location, but this is not always the case.

Each envelope has a letter and a number, and the photographs inside each one are numbered individually. The envelopes are archived in the same order that they were placed in the suitcase. For example, image 'D5.11' is a photograph in envelope D5 and number 11 in that envelope. 


The catalogue contains all the photographs, letters and documents associated with the Bean Archive. In addition to the photographs, the Bean Archive contains a number of notes and letters, illustrating George's correspondence with other archaeologists and scholars. Of particular note is a letter written in 1970 by the American archaeologist Homer Thompson, excavator of the Athenian Agora (F10.6).

The files marked 'G' contain a wide range of transcriptions, publications and texts written about George after his death. The only surviving journal of George's travels in Turkey, written in 1939 is also fully scanned (E6).


Unidentified colonnade, 1950-60 (D5.11)

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