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Loan Box Terms and Conditions

By booking a Loan Box or Loan Boxes with the MOCA Loan Boxes Services and receiving confirmation of your booking your school or organisation agrees to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:


Schools borrowing a Loan Box agree to:

  1. Designate and assign authority and responsibility for the Loans Box to one named member of staff.
  2. Accept liability for the cost of repair, restoration and replacement up to the full value of the box and have adequate cover under the School’s insurance policy to cover the cost of the total value of the Loan Box.
  3. Collect and return the Loan Box on the date agreed in advance, during Museum opening hours.  Late fees will be charged for late returns.
  4. Handle all objects with care, using the guidance provided for teachers and pupils. Historical objects are a finite resource.
  5. Take due care and diligence to safeguard the items on loan and to lock up the Loan Box contents when not in use.
  6. Report any damage to MOCA staff as soon as possible.
  7. Complete the evaluation form provided, including reporting class sizes.
  8. Not loan or lend the Loan Box or individual objects or items to other individuals, schools or institutions.
  9. Use the Loan Box objects or items only for educational purposes and not for profit.


MOCA agrees to:

  1. Check the contents of Loan Boxes prior to loan for quality assurance.
  2. Provide learning materials alongside Loan Box objects to support the National Curriculum.
  3. Respond to queries in a timely manner.



  1. Ensure all objects are handled with care, using the handling guidance provided.
  2. Keep the Loans Box contents in a secure place, especially overnight.
  3. Make one member of staff the contact person, with responsibility for communication about the Loan Box order.
  4. Order Loans Boxes in advance.
  5. Handle objects over a table, preferably over a soft surface, or while sitting on the floor, to minimise the potential for accidental damage.
  6. Read this LOAN AGREEMENT and any instructions provided carefully.
  7. Repack objects carefully at the end of the loan and check against the inventory list.
  8. Remove damaged objects from use to prevent any further damage and risk to pupils during handling.



  1. Display objects/materials in direct sunlight
  2. Bury objects in soil/sand or submerge in water.
  3. Affix adhesives, labels, Sellotape, bluetack etc to objects or loan cases.
  4. Attempt to repair damaged objects or modify objects in anyway.
  5. Use objects for tracing outlines or rubbings.


Every cast tells two stories.
One ancient. One modern.

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We will be closing at 3pm on Friday 27 May for a private event.


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Saturday Opening

We are currently open on Saturdays. Saturday opening will end on Saturday 11 June.

Please note: We are only open on Saturdays during University of Cambridge term time.


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