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New Bursary Awards Funded by Mary Beard

The Joyce Reynolds Awards will support three disadvantaged, under-represented UK students to study undergraduate Classics degrees at Cambridge, matriculating in the academic year 2022-2023.  If eligible applicants are not found in this year, the award will be postponed to the following year.  The award will cover maintenance of £10,000 per year for the full duration of the course.  


The Cambridge Trust will administer the payment of the maintenance stipend of £10,000 per student at the beginning of each academic year to the award holders.  The award will be given to three students who fulfil the following criteria:

  • Is a UK student undertaking an undergraduate Classics degree (either three or four-year)
  • Has been assessed by Student Finance and are in receipt of full financial support for a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan
  • Identifies as belonging to an ethnic minority group that is currently under-represented among Classics undergraduates.

Applicants who hold an offer of admission and meet the criteria will be considered for the award, and information will be circulated by Colleges to those whose offers are confirmed once their exam results are known.


The Joyce Reynolds Awards were initially funded by a retirement gift of £80k from Mary Beard, Professor of Classics, as part of our efforts to encourage more diversity among those studying the subject. Inspired by Mary's gift, Karen and Peter Ventress have made a gift of £40k to fund a further studentship. The £120k will pay the £10k a year living costs of three undergraduates from minority ethnic groups and low-income homes for the full duration of their degree courses. Read more about the story of Mary Beard's gift to Classics, and honouring Joyce Reynolds, and find out how you can support studentships at the Faculty

Latest news

New gift to further support Joyce Reynolds Awards

15 June 2021

The Faculty is enormously grateful to Karen and Peter Ventress for their generous gift to further support our efforts to encourage more diversity among students studying Classics at Cambridge. Karen and Peter have made a gift of £40k to fund a further studentship under the banner of the Joyce Reynolds Awards . The Awards...

Laurence Professorship of Classical Archaeology

14 June 2021

The Board of Electors to the Laurence Professorship of Classical Archaeology invite applications from those whose work falls within the general field of the Professorship to take up appointment on 1 October 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter. Further information is available at:

It is with immense sadness that the Faculty reports that Elizabeth (Lisa) French passed away yesterday in Cambridge, 10 June 2021. She was 90.

11 June 2021

Lisa read Classics at Newnham College, Cambridge (1949-1952). In 1961 she was awarded her doctorate from University College London on The Development of Mycenaean Terracotta Figurines . She became a leading expert of Mycenaean pottery and figurines, forging a distinguished career in the archaeology of the Bronze Age Aegean...

Student led teaching awards 2021

24 May 2021

The Faculty is proud to announce that Torsten Meissner and Mark Darling have been recognised for the excellence of their teaching by the Student Union in this year's Student-Led Teaching Awards. Dr Meissner has won the second prize (Highly Commended) in the category "Lecturer". Dr Darling has won the second prize (Highly...