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Dr Lucia Prauscello

Dr Lucia Prauscello

University Reader in Greek Literature and Language

Fellow and Director of Studies in Classics at Trinity Hall

Trinity Hall

Office Phone: 01223 335165

Key Publications

(a) articles and chapters in collected volumes:

1.         ‘Patterns of chorality in Plato’s Laws’  in D. Yatromanolakis (ed.), Music and Politics in Ancient Greek Societies, Harvard UP 2011: 133-58.

2.        ‘Comedy and comic discourse in Plato’s Laws’, in E. Bakola, L. Prauscello and M. Telò (eds.), Greek Comedy and the Discourse of Genres, CUP 2013: 319-42.

3.         ‘ΜΕΛΙΒΟΙΑ: the Chthonia of Hermione and Kore’s lost ‘epithet’ in Lasus fr. 702 PMG’, Classical Quarterly 61.1 (2011): 19-27.

4.         ‘The language of pity: eleos and oiktos in Sophocles’ Philoctetes’, Cambridge Classical Journal 58 (2010): 199-212.

5.        ‘Demeter and Dionysos in the sixth-century southern Argolid: Lasus of Hermione, the cult of Demeter Chthonia and the origins of dithyramb’, in B. Kowalzig and P. Wilson (eds.), Song Culture and Social Change: The Contexts of Dithyramb, OUP 2013: 76-92.

6.        ‘Epinician sounds: Pindar and musical innovation’, in P. Agocs, C. Carey and R. Rawles (eds.), Reading the Victory Ode, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press 2012: 45-63.

7.        ‘Callimachus and the New Music’, in S.A. Stephens, B. Acosta-Hughes and L. Lehnus (eds.), The Brill Companion to Callimachus, Leiden and Boston: Brill 2011: 289-308

8.         ‘Wandering poetry, ‘travelling’ music: Timotheus’ muse and some case-studies of shifting cultural identities’, in R. Hunter and I.C. Rutherford (eds.), Wandering Poets in Ancient Greek Culture, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press 2009, 168-94.

9.         ‘Colluthus’ pastoral traditions: narrative strategies and bucolic criticism in the Abduction of Helen’, in R. Hunter and K. Carvounis (eds.), Signs of Life? New Contexts for Later Greek Hexameter Poetry, Suppl. volume of Ramus 2008 [but 2009]: 173-90.

10.      ‘Juno’s wrath again: some Virgilian echoes in Ovid, Met. 3.253-315’, Classical Quarterly 58 (2008): 565-70.

11.     ‘Demeter Chthonia and the Mountain Mother in a new gold tablet from Magoula Mati’, (co-authored with Franco Ferrari), Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 162 (2007) [but February 2008]: 193-202.

12.      ‘Dionysiac ambiguity: HomHymn 7. 27 ὅδε δ᾽ αὖτ᾽ ἄνδρεσσι μελήσει’, Materiali e Discussioni 58 (2007): 209-16.

13.     ‘A Homeric echo in Theocritus’ Idyll 11. 25-7: the Cyclops, Nausicaa and the hyacinths’, Classical Quarterly 57 (2007): 90-96.

14.      ‘Le “orecchie” di Saffo: qualche osservazione in margine a Sapph. 31, 11-12 V. e alla sua ricezione antica’, in G. Bastianini and A. Casanova (eds.), I papiri di Saffo e di Alceo. Atti del convegno internazionale di studi, Firenze, 8-9 giugno 2006, Florence 2007, 191-207 + plate viii.

15.      ‘Sculpted meanings, talking statues: an unnoticed allusion in Posidippus 142. 12 A-B (= XIX G-P) ΚΑΙ ΕΝ ΠΡΟΘΥΡΟΙΣ ΘΗΚΕ ΔΙΔΑΣΚΑΛΙΗΝ’, American Journal of Philology 127 (2006): 511-23.

16.     ‘Looking for the ‘other’ Gnesippus: some notes on Eup. 148 K-A’, Classical Philology 101 (2006): 52-66.

17.     ‘Editio princeps of PSI 1357v: Note di commento a testi poetici’, Comunicazioni dell’Istituto papirologico G. Vitelli 6 (2005): 51-67.

18.     ‘A note on tabula defixionis 22 (a). 5-7 Ziebarth: when a performance enacts love’, Classical Quarterly 54 (2004): 333-39.

19.     ‘Rehearsing her own death: a note on Bassilla’s epitaph (= IG XIV 2342. 4)’, Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 147 (2004): 56-8.

20.     ‘Dion. Hal. De comp. verb. 17. 12 e 20. 17-21 Auj.-Leb.: μακρὰ ἄλογος e μακρὰ τελεία. Un tentativo di interpretazione’, Rivista di filologia e istruzione classica 129 (2001) [but  published 2003]: 274-306.

21.     L. Prauscello-C.Pernigotti, ‘Spartiti musicali nella Grecia ellenistica: pluralità delle occasioni del canto e discontinuità della tradizione’, in Grecia: Atti del Convegno Mittelfest 2001, Trieste 2002: 29-37.

22.     L. Prauscello-M. Telò, ‘Text and Stage-Action in Eur. HF 1218’, Mnemosyne 55 (2002): 720-723.

23.     L. Prauscello-M. Fassino, ‘Memoria ritmica e memoria poetica: Saffo e Alceo in Teocrito Idilli 28-30 fra ἀρχαιολογία metrica e innovazione alessandrina’, Materiali e discussioni per l'analisi dei testi classici 46 (2001): 9-37.

24.     ‘Ecdotica alessandrina e testi con notazione musicale’, in L. Battezzato (ed.), Tradizione testuale e ricezione letteraria antica della tragedia greca, Atti del Convegno, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa 14-15 giugno 2002, Amsterdam 2003: 57-76.

25.     ‘La testimonianza di P. Leid. Inv. 510 (= Eur. I.A. 1500?-1509, 784-793?) fra prassi esecutiva e trasmissione testuale’, Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 144 (2003): 1-14.

26.     ‘Colometria alessandrina e testi con notazioni musicali: per un riesame di P.Vind. G 2315 (= Eur. Or. 338-344)’, Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 141 (2002): 82-103.

27.     ‘Men. Epitr. 861 χεῖρα δεῦρό μοι τὴν δίδου: a misconceived stage direction’, Mnemosyne 55 (2002): 724-728.             

28.     ‘Alcune osservazioni critico-testuali in margine a P. Turner 8 (Tinouphisfragment)’, Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 134 (2001): 139-144.

29.     ‘Men. Dysk. 96-97, Hipp. Epid. V. 42. 3 ed una glossa di Esichio: per una possibile ricostruzione alternativa della ΔΥΣΠΝΟΙΑ di Pirria’, Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 136 (2001): 7-10.

30.     ‘Il decreto per Licurgo: IG II2 457, IG II2 513 e (Plut.) Mor. 851 f-852 e: discontinuità della tradizione?’, Studi Ellenistici XII, ed. by B. Virgilio, Pisa-Roma 1999: 41-71.

31.     ‘Il fr. A.2r 11-13 delle Storie Fenicie di Lolliano. Un problema di interpretazione’, Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 122 (1998): 67-70.

(b) Books:

32. Singing Alexandria: Music between Practice and Textual Transmission, Mnemosyne Supplement Series, Leiden and Boston: Brill 2006.

(c) Edited Volumes:

33. E. Bakola, L. Prauscello and M. Telò (eds.), Greek COmedy and the Discourse of Genres. Cambridge University Press 2013

(d) Translations:

33. F. Ferrari, A Headband for Kleis: Sappho and Her Audience, Chicago Classical Press (2010) co-translated with B. Acosta-Hughes

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