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Faculty of Classics


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Claire Saint-Amour Supervisor: Prof. Tim Whitmarsh, College: Clare, Title of Thesis (preliminary): Historical Feelings in the Second Sophistic
Nikoliner Sauer Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Dr Cédric Scheidegger Laemmle Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Classics, Bye-Fellow in Classics, Downing College
Professor Malcolm Schofield 01223 338644 Emeritus Professor of Ancient Philosophy, Fellow of St John's College
Dr Alexandra Schultz Junior Research Fellow, Jesus College
Professor David Sedley 01223 334910 Emeritus Laurence Professor of Ancient Philosophy, Fellow of Christ's College
Dr Frisbee C C Sheffield Associate Professor of Classics, Fellow and Director of Studies at Downing College
Dr Colton Siegmund Research Associate (VIEWS project)
Jan Sienkiewicz Supervisor: Dr Yannis Galanakis, College: Girton, Title of Thesis: Rhodes and the Late Bronze Age Mediterranean world
Sarah Simmons Supervisor: Prof. James Warren, College: Darwin, Title of Thesis: The Role of Constitutional Study in Aristotelian Civic Education
Dr Il-Kweon Sir Teaching Associate in Classics
Dr Anja Slawisch 01223 335160 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) at Queens' College
Elisabeth Slingsby Supervisor: Prof. Mary Beard, College: Corpus Christi, Title of Thesis (Preliminary): Lead by Example: the Significance of Classical Greek Exempla in the Late Republic and Early Principate
Rhiannon Smith Supervisor: Dr Nick Zair, College: Newnham, Title of Thesis: The Influence of Variant Case Endings on our Understanding of Latin Onomastics
Professor Anthony Snodgrass 01223 339345 Emeritus Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology
Dr Henry L Spelman Assistant Professor in Classics
Dr Lindsay Spencer
Dr Nigel Spivey 01223 335192 (Faculty), 743014 (College) Senior Lecturer in Classics (Classical Art & Archaeology), Fellow, Emmanuel College
Professor Michael Squire 01223 335161 (Faculty) / 338400 (College Porters’ Lodge) Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology, Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College
Dr Philippa Steele 01223 335096 Principal Investigator of Visual Interactions in Early Writing Systems, Senior Research Fellow at Magdalene College, Director of Studies at Wolfson College
Jonathan Steward Supervisor: Prof. Caroline Vout, College: Jesus College, Title of Thesis (preliminary): Perceptions of the Corpse in Roman Literature
Professor Simon Stoddart 01223 (3)33524/(3)32168 Professor in Prehistory; Fellow of Magdalene College
Sandra Strahlendorf Supervisor: Prof. Robin Osborne, College: Christ's College, Title of Thesis (preliminary): Eastern Greek Grave Stelai. Urban Identity and Civic Representation in Asia Minor during the Hellenistic Period.
Miku Sueyoshi Supervisor: Prof. Renaud Gagné, College: Hughes Hall, Title of Thesis (preliminary): Spatial Shifts and Imaginary Identities of Greek Choruses
Daniel Sutton Research Fellow, Peterhouse

Latest news

Soundmarks Project

12 February 2024

Soundmarks, an art/archaeology collaboration between Rose Ferraby, Cambridge Archaeologist, and Rob St John using sound and visual art launches at DIG in York. In 2019 the pair created work exploring and animating the sub-surface landscape of Aldborough Roman Town in North Yorkshire, UK. Soundmarks Aldborough was re-shown...

Vacancy: Assistant Professor in Latin literature

8 February 2024

The Faculty of Classics is seeking to appoint an Assistant Professor in Classics (Latin literature) from 01 September 2024. The role is open to those, at any stage in their career, with a primary research interest in Latin literature. The successful candidates will have, or be expected to develop, a record of world-class...

Publication: The New Documents in Mycenaean Greek

24 January 2024

The Faculty of Classics is proud to announce the publication of The New Documents in Mycenaean Greek , edited by John Killen FBA, the Emeritus Professor of Mycenaean Greek. More than a dozen leading Mycenologists have contributed chapters and sections to this seminal work in two volumes, comprised of more than 1100 pages...

Launch of the Faculty of Classics portal on the Cambridge Digital Library

15 January 2024

The Cambridge Digital Library has launched a dedicated Faculty of Classics portal . The first two collections feature digitized archival material from the Papers of Alan J. B. Wace, Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology 1934-1944. Digital Thessaly features Alan Wace’s notebooks and photographs from his 1908-1910...