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Key publications: 


Horace Satires I (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics, 2012)

Ennius Perennis: The Annals and Beyond, ed. with William Fitzgerald (Cambridge Classical Journal Supplementary Volume, 2007)

The Loaded Table: Representations of Food in Roman Literature (Oxford, 1993)

Recent articles

(2021) “Ancient Rome as Melting Pot: Cooking goes Global”, in Ex-Position 45: 103-16.

(2021) “Afterword: Lights Out”, in T. Geue and E. Giusti, eds., Unspoken Rome: Absence in Latin Literature and its Reception. Cambridge (Cambridge University Press), 324-33.

(2021) “Pun-Fried Concoctions: Wor(l)dplay in the Roman Kitchen”, in M. Fantuzzi, H. Morales and T. Whitmarsh, eds, Reception in the Greco-Roman World:  Literary Studies in Theory and Practice. Cambridge (Cambridge University Press), 241-65.

(2021) “Lucan’s (G)natal Poem: Statius’ Silvae 2.7, the Culex, and the Aesthetics of Miniaturization”, Classical Antiquity 40: 45-75.

(2020) “Why isn’t Homer in Virgil’s Underworld? – and Other Notable Absences”, in C. – and other notable absences”, in C. Gladhill and M. Myers, eds., Walking Through Elysium: Aeneid 6 and the Poetics of Tradition. Toronto (University of Toronto Press), 206-23.

(2019) “Knight’s Moves: The Son-In-Law in Cicero and Tacitus”, Classical Antiquity 38: 2-35.

(2017) “Tasting the Roman World”, in K. Rudolph, ed., Taste and the Ancient Senses. London (Routledge), 90-103.


On leave, Michaelmas Term 2021 and Lent Term 2022


Professor of Latin Literature
Fellow of St John's College

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Latest news

‘Digital Thessaly' project

24 May 2022

The British School at Athens and Archives of the Faculty of Classics and Pembroke College are pleased to announce that the first phase of the project ‘Digital Thessaly’ has been completed. Funded by Cambridge Digital Humanities, this project reunites on BSA Digital Collections Alan Wace’s research notebooks that formed the...

Teaching Associate in Ancient History

24 May 2022

Details of how to apply for this full time, fixed term post are now available online:

Museum Education and Outreach Coordinator

17 May 2022

Details of how to apply of this part time, fixed term post are now available online. Closing date: 20 June 2022.

New Assistant Professors of Classics

8 April 2022

The Faculty is delighted to announce the appointment of four new Assistant Professors of Classics who will join the Faculty in Michaelmas 2022. This is the largest number of simultaneous new appointments for some time: Dr Laura Castelli Dr Lea Niccolai Dr Shushma Malik Dr Henry Spelman We look forward to welcoming them to...