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Ovidiana Graeca: fragments of a Byzantine version of Ovid’s amatory works   P.E. Easterling and E.J. Kenney (1965)


Greece and Egypt in the archaic age   M.M. Austin (1970)


The Eudemian and Nicomachean Ethics: a study in the development of Aristotle’s thought   C.J. Rowe (1971)


The ideology of the Athenian metic   David Whitehead (1977)  hard copy out of stock


Towards a text of ‘Anthologia Latina’   D.R. Shackleton Bailey (1979)


Non-slave labour in the Greco-Roman world   ed. Peter Garnsey (1980)


Lands and peoples in Roman poetry: the ethnographical tradition   Richard F. Thomas (1982)


Trade and famine in classical antiquity   ed. Peter Garnsey and C.R. Whittaker (1983)


Plato’s arguments for forms   Robert William Jordan (1983)


Aristotle and the Stoics   F.H. Sandbach (1985)


Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the traditions of Augustan poetry   Peter E. Knox (1986)  hard copy out of stock


Jews and godfearers at Aphrodisias: Greek inscriptions with commentary   J. Reynolds and R. Tannenbaum (1987)


John Caius and the manuscripts of Galen   Vivian Nutton (1987)


Pastoral economies in classical antiquity   ed. C.R. Whittaker (1988)


Studies in Latin literature and its tradition in honour of C.O. Brink   ed. J. Diggle, J.B. Hall and H.D. Jocelyn (1989)


Images of authority: papers presented to Joyce Reynolds on the occasion of her 70th birthday   ed. Mary Margaret Mackenzie and Charlotte Roueché (1989)


Studies in the Dionysiaca of Nonnus   ed. Neil Hopkinson (1994)


Wackernagel’s Law and the placement of the copula ‘esse’ in classical Latin   J.N. Adams (1994)


The curse of exile: a study of Ovid’s Ibis   Gareth D. Williams (1996)


Juvenal’s Mayor: the professor who lived on 2d. a day   John Henderson (1998)


Studies in Heliodorus   ed. Richard Hunter (1998)


amor: roma. Love and Latin literature (essays presented to E.J. Kenney)   ed. Susanna Morton Braund and Roland Mayer (1999)


Ovidian transformations: essays on the Metamorphoses and its reception   ed. Philip Hardie, Alessandro Barchiesi and Stephen Hinds (1999)


Classics in 19th and 20th century Cambridge: curriculum, culture and community   ed. Christopher Stray (1999)


Pyrrhonian inquiry   Marta Anna Włodarczyk (2000) 


Production and public powers in classical antiquity   ed. E. Lo Cascio and D.W. Rathbone (2000)


Economy and politics in the Mycenaean palace states: proceedings of a conference held on 1–3 July 1999 in the Faculty of Classics, Cambridge   ed. Sofia Voutsaki and John Killen (2001)


The owl of Minerva: the Cambridge praelections of 1906. Reassessments of Richard Jebb, James Adam, Walter Headlam, Henry Jackson, William Ridgeway and Arthur Verrall   ed. Christopher Stray (2005)


Greeks on Greekness: viewing the Greek past under the Roman Empire   ed. David Konstan and Suzanne Saïd (2006)


Paideia Romana: Cicero’s Tusculan Disputations   Ingo Gildenhard (2007)  hard copy out of stock


Ennius perennis: the Annals and beyond   ed. William Fitzgerald and Emily Gowers (2007)


Greek and Latin from an Indo-European perspective   ed. Coulter George, Matthew McCullagh, Benedicte Nielsen, Antonia Ruppel and Olga Tribulato (2007)


Theophrastus and his world    Paul Millett (2007)


Unclassical traditions I: alternatives to the classical past in late antiquity   
ed. Christopher Kelly, Richard Flower and Michael Stuart Williams (2010)


Unclassical traditions II: perspectives from east and west in late antiquity 
ed. Christopher Kelly, Richard Flower and Michael Stuart Williams (2011)


Ratio et res ipsa: classical essays presented by former pupils to James Diggle on his retirement   ed. Paul Millett, S.P. Oakley and R.J.E. Thompson (2011)


Menander: eleven plays   Colin Austin (2013)


Sophocles’ Jebb: a life in letters   Christopher Stray (2013)


Varro varius: the polymath of the Roman world   ed. D.J. Butterfield (2015)


Word and context in Latin poetry: studies in memory of David West   ed. A. J. Woodman and Jakob Wisse (2017)


Augustus and the destruction of history: the politics of the past in early imperial Rome   ed. Ingo Gildenhard, Ulrich Gotter, Wolfgang Havener and Louise Hodgson (2019)


Simonides Lyricus: essays on the ‘other’classical choral lyric poet   ed. Peter Agócs and Lucia Prauscello (2020)

43 Poems without poets: approaches to anonymous ancient poetry   ed. B. Kayachev (2021)
44 Steely-eyed Athena. Wilmer Cave Wright and the advent of female Classicists   David Neal Greenwood (2022)
45 Munere mortis. Studies in Greek literature in memory of Colin Austin    edited by Eftychia Bathrellou and Margherita Maria Di Nino (2022)

Supplements 1–28 and 37 are paperback, Supplements 29–36 and 38–45 hardback. 

Members may order directly from the Society at the following prices (plus postage):

   Supplements 1–28: £12
   Supplements 29–37: £18
   Supplements 38–40: £30
   Supplements 41-45: £38

Please email your request or write to Cambridge Philological Society, Classical Faculty Library, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DA.

Non-members may obtain copies through Oxbow Books (, +44 (0)1865 241249), priced up to £60. Libraries/institutions contact the Society for orders (prices in the range £40-£55, depending on supplement).

All Supplements are also available digitally, for individual purchase as Kindle ebooks through major retailers, and for institutional purchase on JSTOR.

Latest news

VIEWS project Visiting Fellowships

20 May 2024

We invite applications for two funded VIEWS project Visiting Fellowships, with a deadline of 30th June 2024. For further details please follow this link.

Dr Richard Duncan-Jones FBA 1937-2024

19 May 2024

The Faculty is saddened by news of the death of Dr Richard Duncan-Jones FBA FSA. He had been a Fellow of Gonville and Caius College since 1963 where he was a college lecture in Classics and Director of Studies for many years.

Language Teaching Associate

17 May 2024

The Faculty of Classics is seeking to appoint a Fixed Term Teaching Associate from 01 September 2024 until 31 August 2026 (0.6 FTE). The teaching will principally involve intensive reading classes in Greek and Latin for students without A level qualification or equivalent at entry. For more details see here. CLOSING DATE...

New appointment in Latin literature

15 May 2024

The Faculty is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Elena Giusti as a new Assistant Professor of Latin literature. She will join the Faculty in the new academic year. Elena will be joining from the University of Warwick, where she is currently Associate Professor of Latin . She works broadly on Roman literature and...