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The Regulations and Supplementary Regulations relating to papers in Classical Greek and Classical Latin can be found in full in the latest edition of Statutes and Ordinances issued by the University.


Some Classical Part II papers are also available to candidates for the Archaeological and Anthropological Tripos in Part IIA and Part IIB and for Part II of the English Tripos, the Historical Tripos, the Linguistics Tripos, the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, and the Philosophy Tripos.  For further details consult the University Statutes and Ordinances.



Classical Papers available in the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos

The following notes for guidance indicate where classical languages and other classical subjects fit into the MML Tripos.  The classical papers available in Parts IA and IB are referred to as GL papers (short for ‘Greek and Latin’).  They are contained in a list (called ‘Schedule C’ in the MML Tripos) which is given directly below.

If, having read through these notes, you need further guidance, you should approach your Director of Studies in MMLL, who may refer you for detailed advice on particular papers to your college’s Director of Studies in Classics.  You may also wish to consult the MMLL and Classics Liaison Officers, Dr Alessandro Launaro ( in Classics and Dr Christian Torres ( in MMLL.


Syllabus for Part II

An MMLL student who has completed his or her year abroad and has returned to take Part II may take up to two papers from the list of papers known as ‘Schedule D’ in the MML Tripos. Schedule D (given below) contains a selection of papers from Part II of the Classical Tripos.


Schedule D

Classics papers available to MMLL candidates taking Part II

The Part II Courses section will provide further details on each paper.

  • Paper A1: Homer, Odyssey and/or Virgil, Aeneid.
  • Paper A2: Women and Greek Literature.
  • Paper A3: Horace, Odes 1-4.
  • Paper B1: Plato, Theaetetus.
  • Paper B2: Aristotle on Soul and Body.
  • Paper C4: The Transformation of the Roman world.
  • Paper D3: Roman Britain.
  • Paper E2: Greek in the Bronze Age.
  • Paper E3: Latin as She is Spoke.
  • Paper X1. Classics Live.
  • Paper X2. Gods of Greece and Rome.
  • Paper X3: Christianity, Hellenism, and Empire

In general on choice of Papers in MML Part II, see

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16 January 2023

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University Assistant Professorship in Classics

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Brian Leech Memorial Fund

10 November 2022

The Faculty of Classics is delighted to announce the establishment of the Brian Leech Memorial Fund. The Fund comes about thanks to a generous donation by Emma Gleave, and is made in memory of her late father, Brian Leech. Brian Leech had a long and successful career as both barrister and judge. He also greatly enjoyed classical studies – with a life-long passion for ancient Greek and Latin languages.