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Graduate Students

Zoë Audra
  • Department: Classics
  • Supervisor: Prof Gábor Betegh
  • College: Darwin
  • Title of thesis: Rationality in Presocratic Philosophy
Albert Bates
  • Supervisor: Professor Caroline Vout
  • College: Christ's College
  • Thesis Title: The Mythology of Ecphrasis in Rome and Roman Greece (50 BC - 500 AD)
Tatiana Bur
  • Supervisor: Professor Robin Osborne
  • College: Trinity College
  • Title of thesis: 'Manufacturing the Marvellous: Technology, Divine Presence and Religious Experience in the Graeco-Roman World’
Zachary Case
  • Department: Classics
  • Supervisor: Tim Whitmarsh
  • College: King's
  • Title of thesis (preliminary): Aristophanic Comedy and Radical Democracy
Edoardo Chiattelli
  • Supervisor: Dr Torsten Meissner
  • College: Darwin
  • PhD Thesis Title (preliminary): The Augment in Greek and Indo-European: A Reconsideration"
Marcus Trystan Ellis
  • Department: Classics
  • Supervisor: Professor Richard Hunter
  • College: Peterhouse
  • Title of Thesis: Concepts of Tragedy and the Tragic in Late Euripidean Drama
Stefano Frullini
  • Supervisor: Professor Robin Osborne
  • College: King’s
  • Thesis title (preliminary): Democracy in the Classical and Early Hellenistic Peloponnese
Solveig Lucia Gold
  • Supervisor: Professor Gábor Betegh
  • College: King's
  • Title of Thesis (preliminary): Plato's City of Gods
Sofia Greaves
  • Supervisor: Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
  • College: Lucy Cavendish
  • Thesis title: Reconstructing Rome: Ancient and modern city planning in Italy, 1860-1922.
Joe Grimwade
  • Department: Classics
  • Supervisor: Dr Ingo Gildenhard
  • College: Trinity Hall
  • Title of Thesis: Conceptualisations of memoria in the Roman World
Daniel Hanigan
  • Supervisor: Professor Tim Whitmarsh
  • College: Corpus Christi
  • Thesis Title (Preliminary): 'Beyond the Pillars of Herakles: Writing the Voyage of Discovery in Ancient Greek Periplography'
Jannis Frederik Koltermann
  • Supervisor: Dr Christopher Whitton
  • College: Darwin College
  • Title of thesis (preliminary): The Politics of Gossip. Imperial Power in Suetonius' Lives of the Caesars
Georgios Koukovasilis
  • Supervisor: Professor Caroline Vout
  • College: Magdalene College
  • Thesis Title: From Greek to Roman: Portraits and Identity in Roman Greece
Thomas Langley
  • Department: Ancient History
  • Supervisor: Professor Christopher Kelly
  • College: Peterhouse
  • Title of Thesis: Civic Patriotic Political Language in Basil of Caesarea, Julian the Apostate and Gregory Nazianzen
Elsie Linley
  • Department: Classics
  • Supervisor: Prof. Emily Gowers
  • College: St Edmund's
  • Thesis Title (preliminary): Violence in the 'Roman Novel'
Rares Ilie Marinescu
  • Supervisor: Dr Myrto Hatzimichali
  • College: Corpus Christi
  • Thesis title (preliminary): The Reception of Aristotle in Proclus
Dalia Pratali Maffei
  • Department: Classics
  • Supervisor: Prof. James Clackson
  • College: Jesus
  • Thesis Title (preliminary): The Language of Hellenistic Inscribed Epigrams from Doric-speaking Areas. A Comparative Approach
Krishnan Ram-Prasad
  • Supervisor: Dr Rupert Thompson
  • College: Peterhouse
  • Thesis title (preliminary): Elements of Proto-Indo-European Syntax: A Minimalist reconstruction
Sarah Sheard
  • Supervisor: Professor Caroline Vout
  • College: Peterhouse
  • Thesis title (preliminary): The female body in Roman visual culture
Stephanos Stephanides
  • Supervisor: Professor Gábor Betegh
  • College: Christ's
  • Title of Thesis (preliminary): From Conflict to Unity: Plato on Well-Ordered Wholes
Nir Stern
  • Department: Classics
  • Supervisor: Prof. Tim Whitmarsh
  • College: Hughes Hall
  • Thesis title (preliminary): Dio Chrysostom and philosophical identity
Sandra Strahlendorf
  • Supervisor: Professor Robin Osborne
  • College: Christ's College
  • Title of thesis (preliminary): Eastern Greek grave stelai. Urban identity and civic representation in Asia Minor during the Hellenistic period.
Martin Szoke
  • Department: Faculty of Classics
  • Supervisor: Rebecca Flemming
  • College: St John's College
  • Title of thesis: Politics and the Past in the Age of Nerva and Trajan

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Philology and Linguistics

Feb 19, 2020


The Corbett Lecture 2019

Feb 24, 2020


Athens: Economy & Democracy Conference (in honour of P. Millett)

Jul 09, 2020

Faculty of Classics and Downing College, Cambridge

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Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships 2020

Nov 15, 2019

Details of how to apply for this scheme are now available online.

Byvanck Chair of Classical Archaeology/Art History

Oct 30, 2019

The Faculty is delighted to announce that Professor Caroline Vout has been appointed to the Byvanck Chair of Classical Archaeology/Art History, a visiting professorship at the University of Leiden. The appointment is for five years from Michaelmas 2019.

Myles Burnyeat

Sep 23, 2019

The Faculty is very sorry to have to report the death, aged 80, of Myles Burnyeat, Laurence Professor of Ancient Philosophy from 1984 to 1996, and honorary Fellow of Robinson, on Friday 20th September.

2019 Gifford Lectures

Jun 04, 2019

Professor Beard's Gifford Lectures (University of Edinburgh), on The Ancient World and Us: From Fear and Loathing to Enlightenment and Ethics, are now available on line.

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