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Faculty of Classics


The Cambridge Classical Studies Series aims to maximise the impact of the excellent Classical research being done in Cambridge by publishing monographs on Classical topics written or edited by academics working in, or recently trained in, Cambridge.

The Faculty of Classics is delighted to have reached an agreement with Cambridge University Press by which, for the next three years, five volumes a year in the Cambridge Classical Studies Series will be published Gold Open Access.

The series is edited by Professors James Clackson, Gábor Betegh, Stephen Oakley, Robin Osborne, Michael Squire, Caroline Vout and Tim Whitmarsh.


Orthographic Traditions and the Sub-elite in the Roman Empire, N.A.S. Zair, 2023 OPEN  ACCESS

Markers of Allusion in Archaic Greek Poetry , T.J. Nelson, 2023 OPEN  ACCESS

Traditional and Cosmic Gods in Later Plato and the Early Academy, V. Bartninkas, 2023 OPEN  ACCESS

Carpe Diem The Poetics of Presence in Greek and Latin Literature, R.A.Rohland, 2022 OPEN ACCESS

Seneca's Characters, E.M. Bexley, 2022 OPEN ACCESS

Homer, Parmenides, and the Road to Demonstration B. Folit-Weinberg, 2022 OPEN ACCESS

Poetry and Number in Graeco-Roman Antiquity, M. Leventhal, 2022 OPEN ACCESS

Creating the Ancient Rhetorical Tradition, L Viidebaum, 2021 OPEN ACCESS

Wonder and the Marvellous from Homer to the Hellenistic World, J. Lightfoot, 2021 OPEN ACCESS

Reception in the Greco-Roman World, M. Fantuzzi, H. Morales, T. Whitmarsh, 2021

Cosmology and the Idea of Hyperborea in Ancient Greece, R. Gagné, 2021

The Undeciphered Signs of Linear B, A.P. Judson, 2020

Aegean Linear Script(s), E. Salgarella, 2020

Roman Frugality: Modes of Moderation from the Archaic Age to the Early Empire and Beyond I. Gildenhard & C. Viglietti, 2020

Migration, Mobility and Language Contact in and around the Ancient Mediterranean, J. P. T. Clackson, P. James, K. McDonald, L. Tagliapietra, N. Zair,  2020

The Sanctuary at Bath in the Roman Empire, E. H. Cousins. 2020

The Language of Roman Letters: Bilingual Epistolography from Cicero to Fronto,
O. Elder, A. Mullen, 2019

Theatrical Reenactment in Pindar and Aeschylus, A. Uhlig, 2019

Between Greece and Babylonia: Hellenistic Intellectual History in Cross-Cultural Perspective, K. Stevens, 2019

Population and Economy in Classical Athens, B. Akrigg, 2019

Antiochus and Peripatetic Ethics, G. Tsouni, 2019

Carthage in Virgil's Aeneid: Staging the Enemy under Augustus, E. Giusti, 2018

Emperor and Senators in the Reign of Constantius II: Maintaining Imperial Rule Between Rome and Constantinople in the Fourth Century AD, M. Moser, 2018

Melissus and Eleatic Monism, B. Harriman, 2018

Writing and Society in Ancient Cyprus, P. M. Steele, 2018

Authors and Authorities in Ancient Philosophy, J. Bryan, R. Wardy & J. Warren, 2018

Plato's Timaeus and the Latin Tradition, C. Hoenig, 2018

Introspection and Engagement in Propertius: A Study of Book 3, J. Wallis, 2018

The Embodied Soul in Plato's Later Thought, C. Jorgenson, 2018

Virgil's Ascanius: Imagining the Future in the Aeneid, A. Rogerson, 2017

Juvenal and the Poetics of Anonymity, T. Geue, 2017

Sociological Studies in Roman History, K. Hopkins & C. Kelly, 2017

Land and Taxes in Ptolemaic Egypt: An Edition, Translation and Commentary for the Edfu Land Survey (P. Haun. IV 70), CHRISTENSEN/THOMPSON/VANDORPE, 2017

Mortal and Divine in Early Greek Epistemology: A Study of Hesiod, Xenophanes and Parmenides, S. Tor, 2017

Imagining Reperformance in Ancient Culture: Studies in the Traditions of Drama and Lyric, R. Hunter & A. Uhlig, 2017

Votive Body Parts in Greek and Roman Religion, J. Hughes, 2017

Latin Literature and its Transmission, R. Hunter & S.P. Oakley, 2016

M. I. Finley: An Ancient Historian and his Impact, D. Jew, R. Osborne, M. Scott, 2016

Revisiting Delphi: Religion and Storytelling in Ancient Greece, J. Kindt, 2016

Theologies of Ancient Greek Religion, E. Eidinow, J. Kindt, & R. Osborne, 2016

Aristotle on Female Animals: A Study of the Generation of Animals, S. Connell, 2016

Creative Lives in Classical Antiquity: Poets, Artists and Biography, R. Fletcher & J. Hanink, 2016

Reviving Roman Religion: Sacred Trees in the Roman World, A. Hunt, 2016

Oscan in the Greek Alphabet, N. Zair, 2016

Justice and Reciprocity in Aristotle's Political Philosophy, K. Inamura, 2015

Playing Hesiod: The 'Myth of the Races' in Classical Antiquity, H. Van Noorden, 2015

Oscan in Southern Italy and Sicily: Evaluating Language Contact in a Fragmentary Corpus, K. McDonald, 2015

The Origin of Roman London, L. M. Wallace, 2014

Aristophanes' Thesmophoriazusae: Philosophizing Theatre and the Politics of Perception in Late Fifth-Century Athens, A. Clements, 2014

Expressions of Time in Ancient Greek, C. H. George, 2014

Philosophical Life in Cicero's Letters, S. McConnell, 2014

Menander, New Comedy and the Visual, A. K. Petrides, 2014

The Stoic Sage: The Early Stoics on Wisdom, Sagehood and Socrates, R. Brouwer, 2014

Hesiodic Voices: Studies in the Ancient Reception of Hesiod's Works and Days, R. Hunter, 2014

Performing Citizenship in Plato's Laws, L. Prauscello, 2014

Apuleius' Platonism: The Impersonation of Philosophy, R. Fletcher, 2014

Lycurgan Athens and the Making of Classical Tragedy, J. Hanink, 2014

The Early Textual History of Lucretius' De rerum natura, D. Butterfield, 2013

Cicero on Politics and the Limits of Reason: The Republic and Laws J. W. Atkins, 2013

Lucan and the Sublime: Power, Representation and Aesthetic Experience, H. J. M. Day, 2013

Theodosius II: Rethinking the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity, C. Kelly, 2013

Southern Gaul and the Mediterranean: Multilingualism and Multiple Identities in the Iron Age and Roman Periods, A. Mullen, 2013

Foundation Myths and Politics in Ancient Ionia, N. Mac Sweeney, 2013

Absolute Constructions in Early Indo-European, A. Ruppel, 2013

Syllabic Writing on Cyprus and its Context, P. M. Steele, 2013

A Linguistic History of Ancient Cyprus: The Non-Greek Languages, and their Relations with Greek, c.1600–300 BC, P. M. Steele, 2013

Slaves to Rome: Paradigms of Empire in Roman Culture, M. Lavan, 2013

Language and Linguistic Contact in Ancient Sicily, O. Tribulato, 2012

Platonic Drama and its Ancient Reception, N. G. Charalabopoulos, 2012

Aristotle on Desire, G. Pearson, 2012

Rumour and Renown: Representations of Fama in Western Literature, P. Hardie, 2012

Peasants and Slaves: The Rural Population of Roman Italy (200 BC to AD 100) A. Launaro, 2011

Radical Platonism in Byzantium: Illumination and Utopia in Gemistos Plethon,
N. Siniossoglou, 2011

Likeness and Likelihood in the Presocratics and Plato, J. Bryan, 2011

The Monochord in Ancient Greek Harmonic Science, D. Creese, 2010

Colour and Meaning in Ancient Rome, M. Bradley, 2009

Authorised Lives in Early Christian Biography: Between Eusebius and Augustine, M. Williams, 2008

Plato and Theodoret: The Christian Appropriation of Platonic Philosophy and the Hellenic Intellectual Resistance, N. Siniossoglou, 2008

The Roman Bazaar: A Comparative Study of Trade and Markets in a Tributary Empire, P. F. Bang, 2008

Ammianus Marcellinus: The Allusive Historian, G. Kelly, 2008

Styling Romanisation: Pottery and Society in Central Italy, R. Roth, July 2011 2007

The Moods of Homeric Greek, J. Willmott, 2007

Interstate Relations in Classical Greece: Morality and Power, P. Low, 2007

Counting the People in Hellenistic Egypt Volume 1. Population Registers, P. Count, W. Clarysse & D. J. Thompson, 2006

Counting the People in Hellenistic Egypt Volume 2. Historical Studies, W. Clarysse & D. J. Thompson, 2006

The Invention of Art History in Ancient Greece: Religion, Society and Artistic Rationalisation, J. Tanner, 2006

Counting the People in Hellenistic Egypt, W. Clarysse & D. J. Thompson, 2006

Expressions of Agency in Ancient Greek, C. H. George, 2005

Heracles and Euripidean Tragedy, T. Papadopoulou, 2005

Statius and Epic Games: Sport, Politics and Poetics in the Thebaid, H. Lovatt, 2005

Terence and the Language of Roman Comedy, E. Karakasis, 2005 

Solon and Early Greek Poetry: The Politics of Exhortation, E. Irwin, 2005

The Transformation of Mathematics in the Early Mediterranean World: From Problems to Equations, R. Netz, 2004

Vision and Narrative in Achilles Tatius' Leucippe and Clitophon, H. Morales, 2004

Latin Translation in the Renaissance: The Theory and Practice of Leonardo Bruni, Giannozzo Manetti and Desiderius Erasmus, P. Botley, 2004

The Path of the Argo: Language, Imagery and Narrative in the Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius, R. J. Clare, 2002

Rape and the Politics of Consent in Classical Athens, R. Omitowoju, 2002

Epicurus and Democritean Ethics: An Archaeology of Ataraxia, J. Warren, 2002

Achilles in Greek Tragedy, P. Michelakis, 2002

Inventing Homer: The Early Reception of Epic, B. Graziosi, 2002

Ovid, Aratus and Augustus: Astronomy in Ovid's Fasti, E. Gee, 2000

Homer's People: Epic Poetry and Social Formation, J. Haubold, 2000

The Language of Sophocles: Communality, Communication and Involvement, F. Budelmann, 2000

Pappus of Alexandria and the Mathematics of Late Antiquity, S. Cuomo, 2000

The Unity of Plato's Sophist: Between the Sophist and the Philosopher, N. Notomi, 1999

Patterns of Redemption in Virgil's Georgics, L. Morgan, 1999

Method and Politics in Plato's Statesman, M. S. Lane, 1998

Literate Education in the Hellenistic and Roman Worlds, T. Morgan, 1998

Powerplay in Tibullus: Reading Elegies Book One, P. Lee-Stecum, 1998

Aristotle on the Sense-Organs, T. K. Johansen, 1997

The Rhetoric of Identity in Isocrates: Text, Power, Pedagogy, Y. L. Too, 1995

Euripidean Polemic: The Trojan Women and the Function of Tragedy, N. T. Croally, 1994

Banished Voices: Readings in Ovid's Exile Poetry, G. D. Williams, 1994

Myth and Poetry in Lucretius, M. R. Gale, 1994

Sources for Alexander the Great: An Analysis of Plutarch's 'Life' and Arrian's 'Anabasis Alexandrou', N. G. L. Hammond, 1993

The Stoics on Ambiguity, C. Atherton, 1993

Poetry and Civil War in Lucan's Bellum Civile, J. Masters, 1992

The Subversive Oratory of Andokides: Politics, Ideology and Decision-Making in Democratic Athens, A. Missiou, 1992

Economic Rationalism and Rural Society in Third-Century AD Egypt: The Heroninos Archive and the Appianus Estate, D. Rathbone, 1991

Athletes and Oracles: The Transformation of Olympia and Delphi in the Eighth Century BC, C. Morgan, 1990

The Chain of Change: A Study of Aristotle's Physics VII, R. Wardy, 1990

Beyond Anger: A Study of Juvenal's Third Book of Satires, S. H. Braund, 1988

Listening to the Cicadas: A Study of Plato's Phaedrus, G. R. F. Ferrari, 1987

The Metamorphosis of Persephone: Ovid and the Self-conscious Muse, S. Hinds, 1987

Demos: The Discovery of Classical Attika, R. Osborne, 1985

Scepticism or Platonism?: The Philosophy of the Fourth Academy, H. Tarrant, 1985

Three Historians of Alexander the Great, N. G. L. Hammond, 1983

A Study of Daphnis and Chloe, R. L. Hunter, 1983

Seneca the Elder, J.Fairweather, 1981

Homer, Hesiod and the Hymns: Diachronic Development in Epic Diction, R. Janko, 1981

An Essay on Anaxagoras, M. Schofield, 1980

Bucchero Pottery from Southern Etruria, T. B. Rasmussen, 1979

Imperialism in the Ancient World (Cambridge University Research Seminar in Ancient History), P. D. A. Garnsey & C. R. Whittaker, 1979

Aristotle on Mind and the Senses, G.E.R. Lloyd & G. E. L Owen, 1978

The Authenticity of Prometheus Bound, M. Griffith, 1977

The Seleucid Army: Organization and Tactics in the Great Campaigns, B. Bar-Kochva, 1976

Studies in Roman Property (Cambridge University Research Seminar in Ancient History), M. I. Finley, 1976

Timoleon and the Revival of Greek Sicily 344–317 B.C., R. J. A. Talbert, 1975

Persius and the Programmatic Satire: A Study in Form and Imagery, J. C. Bramble, 1974

Vitruvius and Later Roman Building Manuals, H. Plommer, 1973 

Studies in The Language of Homer, G. P. Shipp, 1972

Kerkeosiris: An Egyptian Village in the Ptolemaic Period, D. J. Crawford, 1971

Textile Manufacture in the Northern Roman Provinces, J. P. Wild, 1970

Empedocles' Cosmic Cycle: A Reconstruction from the Fragments and Secondary Sources, D. O'Brien, 1969

Minoan Stone Vases, P. Warren, 1969

An Historical Commentary on the Hellenica Oxyrhynchia, I. A. F. Bruce, 1967

The Manuscript Tradition of Polybius, J. M. Moore, 1965

The Frontier People of Roman Britain, P. Salway, 1965 

The Woodwork of Greek Roofs, A. T. Hodge, 1960

Libertas as a Political Idea at Rome during the Late Republic and Early Principate, C. H. Wirszubski, 1950








Latest news

Election of two new Professors in the Faculty of Classics

27 March 2024

The Faculty is delighted to announce the election of Professor Josephine (Jo) Crawley Quinn to the Professorship of Ancient History and Professor Serafina Cuomo to the A. G. Leventis Professorship of Greek Culture . Jo will join the Faculty on 1 January 2025 and will be the first woman to hold the Professorship of Ancient...

Craven Seminar 2024

26 March 2024

The programme for the Craven Seminar 2024, ‘Interface Interpretation: exegesis as encounter in Greco-Roman literature’ , is now available online . This will be an in-person event. Please click here to register.

Classical Equalities Lecture 25 April 2024 at 17.00 in G19

4 March 2024

Jane Draycott will be giving this year’s Classical Equalities lecture, on ‘ Prostheses in Classical Antiquity: Everything You Never Knew You Wanted To Know’. Jane Draycott is Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Glasgow. Her research investigates science, technology, and medicine in the ancient world. She has...

Soundmarks Project

12 February 2024

Soundmarks, an art/archaeology collaboration between Rose Ferraby, Cambridge Archaeologist, and Rob St John using sound and visual art launches at DIG in York. In 2019 the pair created work exploring and animating the sub-surface landscape of Aldborough Roman Town in North Yorkshire, UK. Soundmarks Aldborough was re-shown...