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Literature Seminar



Seminars will be at 17:15 on Wednesdays in room G.21. All are welcome.



22 January

Stephen Oakley (Cambridge)

The 118 Oldest Manuscripts and 15 Oldest Editions of Catullus


29 January

Bram van der Velden (Leiden)

Ciceronian Reception in the Epistula ad Octavianum 


5 February

Marc Bonaventura

Late Republican Moralism and the Trojan War: Allusions to Sallust in Dictys Cretensis' Ephemeris Belli Troiani

Ed Millband

Quod subsidium in eo, qui a femina regeretur (Ann. 13.6.2): Tacitus' Narrative of Gender Role Reversal in Annals 13


12 February

Hannah Kirk-Evans

Bodies and Bodily Metaphor in the Natural History and the Epistles

Ludovico Pontiggia

Structure and Ideology in Lucan's Pharsalia


19 February

Anna Athanasopoulou

Ecphrasis and the Frame in the work of Lucian of Samosata

Konstantinos Lygouris

The Dynamics of (mis)Quotation in Nonnus' Paraphrase of John's Gospel


26 February

Benedek Kruchió

Towards a "Wormhole" Narratology: Heliodorus' Aethiopica and Multiperspectivity

Joe Grimwade

Delivering a Speech at Trial in the Late Republic


4 March - Postponed

Ingo Gildenhard (Cambridge)

The Ethics of Protective Violence: Cicero's De Officiis


11 March

Barnaby Taylor (Oxford)

Evidence and Authority in the Natural Questions

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Jan 22, 2020

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Jan 02, 2020

The Faculty is very sorry to have to report the death, aged 95, of Ted Kenney, Kennedy Professor of Latin (from 1974 to 1982), on December 23rd 2019.

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