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Philosophy Seminars

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There is an electronic mailing list for ancient philosophy events in Cambridge.  If you wish to subscribe to the list, alter your subscription details (e.g. email address) or unsubscribe, then please click here. 




Senior Research Seminar: Plato Gorgias

Seminars will be at 16:30 to 18:30 every Thursday throughout Lent and Easter in room 1.11. The line numbers follow Dodds’ edition.

*The 23 April, and 7 May Meetings will begin at 18:05 and end at 20:00.


  • 16 January - 476a7–481b5     Punishment
  • *23 January - 481b6–485e2     Callicles steps in
  • 30 January - 485e3–490a8     Callicles on justice and power
  • *6 February - 490b1–494b7     Self-rule and moderation: the stories of the jars
  • 13 February - 494b7–497d7     Pleasure and pain 
  • 20 February - 497d8–500e2     Goodness and badness, pain and pleasure
  • 27 February - 500e3–504e4     The good orator
  • 5 March - 504e5–508a8      Socrates argues with himself
  • 12 March - 508a8–512d6     Justice and self-help


  • *23 April - 512d6–516d5     Evaluating Pericles
  • 30 April - 516d5–520a6     Athens is a ‘swollen, festering sore’
  • *7 May - 520a6–522e8      ‘The true science of politics’
  • 14 May - 523a1–527e7      The myth


We will be reading Plato Gorgias. Please bring along a text. 

Everyone interested in the Gorgias is welcome.  Although this is the 'senior research seminar', the B Caucus positively encourages young people, people from other caucuses and indeed philosophical people with no affiliation with the B Caucus to attend.




Meets in room 1.11, Faculty of Classics, at 17:00; tea available outside 1.11 from 16:30. 


3 February

Margaret Hampson (Trinity College, Dublin)

The Learner's Motivation and the Structure of Habituation in Aristotle


17 February

Rachel Barney (Toronto)

Platonic Predication





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Jan 02, 2020

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