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Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar

X: Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar (GIS)

The GIS takes place on Fridays between 16:30 and 18:00 in room 1.11. Tea will be available.


25 January

Eduoardo Chiattelli                                                                 Arthur Harris

Homeric Fools: A Study on the                                                Manilius in Greenwich:

Communication between Homeric                                            Astronomy and Antiquarianism

Singers and Listeners                                                              in Restoration England


1 February

Konstantinos Lygouris                                                           Alessio Santoro

Secondary Readings: Greek Biblical                                       Freed or limited convertibility?

Poetry and the making of Christian                                        Aristotle on the sameness

Palimpsests                                                                         of ‘one’ and ‘being’


8 February

GRAD TOUR -Michael Loy and Hanneke Reijnierse-Salisbury


Ben Kybett

Themistius and the Muses: Religion, Art and Rhetoric in Late Antiquity


15 February

Nir Sterm

Polyohemus and Troy in the Story of Aeneas: Aeneid books 1 & 3.



22 February

Hanneke Reijnierse-Salisbury                                    Marc Bonaventura

There’s Something About Death                                Rationalising Homer in the

Second Sophistic: Dio Chrysostum

and Dares Phrygius



1 March

Thomas Langley                                                                   Sofia Greaves

Our party’s better than yours anyway: civic                           Futurism, and the ancient city

feasting and Christian apologetics in late

second century North Africa



8 March

Hannah Brandenburg                                                              Melissande Tomcik

‘The Reception of Sophocles’ Antigone                                      Multa quidem prohibent …

 in Aristophanes and Demosthenes                                           credere: acrostics, acronyms and

bad weather in Lucan’s Pharsalio


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J. Paul Getty Medal

Jan 25, 2019

The Faculty is delighted to report that Mary Beard has been named as one of this year's recipients of the J. Paul Getty Medal. See weblink for further information.

University Lectureship in Classics (Ancient Philosophy)

Jan 24, 2019

Further particulars and details of how to apply for this established post are now available on line. Closing date: 6 March 2019.

150th Anniversary of the Society for Classical Studies

Jan 10, 2019

Mary Beard's public lecture at the Society for Classical Studies, at the annual meeting in San Diego on January 5th 2019, is now available to view online. See here for more details.

Oxford and Cambridge Classics Open Day - 15 March 2019

Dec 14, 2018

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