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Faculty of Classics



My research ranges widely over ancient Greek history and archaeology, including epigraphy and the history of Greek art, and including issues of theory as well as substantive issues. Currently I am engaged in two particular major projects.

1)  In collaboration with Professor P.J. Rhodes (Durham) I am producing a set of three volumes to replace the volumes of ‘Greek Historical Inscriptions’ that originated with a publication by E.L. Hicks and G. Hill and were updated by M.N. Tod and then by David Lewis and Russell Meiggs. Peter Rhodes and I produced in 2003 a replacement for Tod’s second volume, covering the fourth century B.C., and in 2017 Greek Historical Inscriptions 478–404 B.C. We expect to publish a volume covering the archaic period down to the Persian wars in the early 2020s.

2) Resuming my interest in the archaeology and history of early Attica, I am currently working on a monograph on that topic within the framework of a publication project on the archaic Greek city edited by Paul Cartledge and Paul Christesen.


Key publications: 

Demos: the discovery of classical Attika (Cambridge University Press 1985)

Classical landscape with figures. The ancient Greek city and its countryside (London, George Philip and New York, Sheridan House, 1987) [ACLS e-book, 2004].

Greece in the making 1200–479b.c. (Routledge, 1996; 2nd edn. 2009) (Spanish translation La formación de Grecia 1200–479B.C. Crítica, Barcelona,1998; Greek translation, Odysseas, Athens 2000).

Archaic and Classical Greek Art (Oxford, 1998).

Greek History Classical Foundations Series (Routledge, 2004).

Athens and Athenian Democracy (Cambridge, 2010).

The History Written on the Classical Greek Body (Cambridge, 2011).

Greek History: the Basics (Routledge, 2014) (expanded edition of Greek History of 2004)

The Transformation of Athens: Painted Pottery and the Creation of Classical Greece (Princeton, 2018)

Edited works

ed. with S.D. Goldhill:  Art and text in ancient Greek culture (Cambridge, CUP 1994).
ed. with S.E. Alcock: Placing the gods.  Sanctuaries and the sacred landscape of ancient Greece (Oxford, OUP, 1994).
ed. with Simon Hornblower: Ritual, finance, politics: Athenian democratic accounts presented to David Lewis (Oxford, OUP, 1994).
ed. with Simon Goldhill: Performance-culture and Athenian democracy (Cambridge, 1999).
The Athenian Empire (LACTOR 1, 4th edition) (2000).
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ed. with P.J. Rhodes Greek Historical Inscriptions 404–323 B.C. (Oxford, OUP, 2003).
The Object of Dedication: World Archaeology 36.1 (2004).
Studies in Ancient Greek and Roman Society Past and Present Series (Cambridge University Press, 2004).
The Old Oligarch. Ps.-Xenophon's Constitution of the Athenians, Introduction, translation and commentary (LACTOR 2, 2nd edition) (2004).
ed. with B. Cunliffe, Mediterranean Urbanization 800–600 B.C. (British Academy/Oxford University Press, 2005).
ed. with E.M. Atkins, Poverty in the Roman World (CUP, 2006).
ed. with S.D. Goldhill, Rethinking Revolutions through Classical Greece (CUP, 2006).
ed. with J.J. Tanner, Art's Agency and Art History (Blackwell, 2007).
ed. with S. Alcock, Classical Archaeology (Blackwell Studies in Global Archaeology) (Blackwell, 2007).
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(ed) Debating the Athenian Cultural Revolution: Art, literature, philosophy and politics 430-380 B.C. (Cambridge University Press, 2007).
The World of Athens 2nd ed. (Cambridge University Press, 2008), Responsible for revision.
Tradition: World Archaeology 40.3 (2008).

Athenian Democracy, LACTOR 5 (new edition) (2014)

ed. with E. Eidinow and J. Kindt, Theologies of Greek Religion. (Cambridge University Press, 2016)

ed. with D. Jew and M. Scott, Moses Finley: an Ancient Historian and his Impact. (Cambridge University Press, 2016)

ed. with P. J. Rhodes, Greek Historical Inscriptions 478–404 B.C. (Oxford University Press, 2017) 

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Teaching and Supervisions

Research supervision: 

 I supervise PhD dissertations over a broad range of Archaic and Classical Greek History, Archaeology and Art History. Past dissertation topics supervised include: Iron in Greece to 500 B.C., Greek settlement in Sicily, Socio-political history of classical Athens; Economy and politics of early Hellenistic Athens; Mythological wars in Greek Art; Pausanias; Violence in archaic and classical Greece; Aspects of cult in classical Greece; Greek Sanctuaries; Delphic Oracle Stories; Demography and economy of classical Athens; The nature and study of the Greek polis; Hellespont and Propontis; Art and Text; Dark Age Architecture; Athenian Funerary Reliefs; Aristophanes and Sensory Perception; Bronze and Iron Age Anatolia; Italy and Greece in the early iron age; Writing on Athenian pottery; Law and religion in the Greek world; Greeks in the Black Sea; The Phoenicians; Classical Greek Cities' relations with kings and tyrants; Offending the gods in Classical Athens; Demosthenes’ financial rhetoric; the nature of Athenian law; networks in the archaic Aegean.

Past PhD pupils include Sian Lewis (St Andrews), Franco De Angelis (UBC), Graham Oliver (Brown), Maria Pretzler (Swansea), Julia Kindt (Sydney), Ben Akrigg (Toronto), Kostas Vlassopoulos (Rethymnon), Michael Squire (KCL), Michael Scott (Warwick), Naoise Mac Sweeney (Leicester), Georg Gerleigner (Basel), Hannah Willey (Cambridge), Michael Loy (British School at Athens).

Professor of Ancient History
Fellow at King's College
Professor Robin  Osborne

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