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Silence of Time: cast reflected in mirror

The Silence of Time: The Spaces In-Between

An exhibition of contemporary works by Loukas Morley

6 June - 6 September 2019


Loukas Morley is an artist and furniture maker, with strong local links to Cambridge. For Morley, the Museum of Classical Archaeology's Cast Gallery is a lovely haven of stillness that offers a beguiling backdrop for an exhibition of his own work. By positioning both newly made and existing works from his repertoire into the gaps, spaces and moments, Morley curates the 'in-between' in this exhibition in the Cast Gallery. He creates a series of installations which give contemplation to the very stillness of time, embodied in the silent classical casts.

a circular abstract artwork with layers of coloured resin

Loukas Morley, Untitled 2015 (Copyright: Morley)


Morley’s work ranges from paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures, made from wood, metal or other appropriate media and using reclaimed materials to create new works reframing and reinvigorating the history of the found object. This exhibition exploits the contrast between the classical and figural works in the gallery and the sheer abstraction, colour and sheer size of his own work.

an abstract artwork of pink curtains and turquoise curtains, hanging down from askew curtain rods

Loukas Morley, Moments of Architecture 2015 (Copyright: Loukas Morley)


The aim here is to prompt a conversation, one which takes place in the gaps, in-between spaces and silent moments themselves. His objective is to create and curate artworks that form a dialogue with the permanent collection, one which would not exist without a third element to bring it to life. This dialogue is one of form – in terms of line, shape, space and scale – but also one of colliding histories and ideas, not least bringing a visual dimension to the changing role of the classical as inspiration and model for the production of art.

a circular abstract artwork with layered coloured smears of resin

Loukas Morley, More and More of Less and Less 2015 (Copyright: Loukas Morley)


By juxtaposing modern bright gestural resin paintings and new works that are made from his own collection of found materials that nest in the space created for displaying classical sculpture, Morley's hope is to create a show which is difficult to forget - not least because the works themselves would leave an echo of their past conversation with the permanent classical figures.


About the artist

Loukas Morley is strongly established in Cambridge artistic networks. In addition to producing his own wide-ranging work, he also works within the collegiate university as the gallery technician at the Murray Edwards Art Collection. His work has been included in a wide range of solo and group exhibitions in Cambridge. More recently, he has been one of the artists supporting the Museum of Classical Archaeology’s own Drink and Draw programme, providing artistic support and inspiration on summer evenings in the Cast Gallery.

Find out more about Loukas and his work at The Loft


En Pointe stools

The 'Archaeology Edition' of the En Pointe stools are made from reclaimed wooden shelves which used to hold our collection of squeezes (paper imprints of inscriptions), in the Classical Faculty Library. The collection was launched in 2017. Individual stools are available in several finishes and colourways and are available to buy through the Loft Life website.

Read about the En Pointe collection in the Grafton Press (pdf)

Read Ruthie Collin on the En Pointe collection in the Cambs Edition

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Special Thanks

The artist would like to give thanks to the following organisations and individuals, without whom this exhibition would not have been possible.


Reclaimed material

Loukas uses reclaimed material in his work, giving new life to unwanted items or objects which are no longer needed. The following University of Cambridge departments, faculties, colleges and museums provided reclaimed items which form the basis of works in this show.

  • Faculty of Classics/Classical Faculty Library
  • Department of Engineering, with special thanks to Alistair Ross, Douglas Ross and colleagues
  • Department of Chemistry, with special thanks to Sheila
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Geography
  • Sidney Sussex College
  • Selwyn College
  • Christ's Collge
  • Churchill College
  • Murray Edwards College
  • Newnham College
  • The Polar Museum


Fabrication and technical support

  • Bentley Advanced Materials for the casting supplies, with special thanks to Martin Prink
  • Vetrospec glass, with special thanks to Charlie
  • Molson's, with special thanks to James Prisk
  • 1066 Pianos, for reclaimed piano parts
  • John Erwood photography, including the poster image
  • Abi Cochran, for technical support
  • Jake Gresham
  • Lauren Bonner
  • James Murray White, for filming and huge support
  • Taylors Foundry Ltd, especially Jumbo and Phil
  • Makers Gallery, especially Felicity Topp


The Casting Team

  • Freda Paolozzi
  • Julia Ball
  • Rachel, Emily, Freya and Steve West
  • Harry Gray
  • Orson Angus Leggat
  • Kip Gresham


Thank you

  • Ruthie Collins
  • Kathy Howard
  • Kathryn and Earl
  • Mum and Dad
  • Allen Bullen and Rachel
  • Brian the Van, for still working

Every cast tells two stories.
One ancient. One modern.

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