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Faculty of Classics

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Easing of Restrictions

What will change from 19 July 2021?

In line with Government and University of Cambridge guidance, the museums and Botanic Garden strongly encourage visitors to continue to wear face coverings (unless exempt) and maintain social distancing whilst enjoying our indoor spaces. We hope that our visitors support this in an effort to keep each other and our colleagues safe.

The Museum of Classical Archaeology will continue to advise visitors to wear a mask, observe social distancing, follow one-way systems in the Museum and Faculty of Classics, and book tickets in advance of their visit. We are keeping these protocols under review.



When can I visit?

The Museum of Classical Archaeology is currently open, with reduced opening hours. We are keeping these hours under review, and hope to increase them soon.

Tuesday-Friday:  11am-2pm
Saturday:  2-5pm (University of Cambridge term time only)
Sunday and Monday:  Closed
Bank Holidays:  Closed


Why have your opening hours changed?

We are a small museum and we are doing our best to keep our staff and visitors safe - and the best way for us to do that, at the moment, is to reduce our opening hours so that our small team can prioritise the safety measures we have put in place.

Reduced hours also means that university teaching will not be taking place in the Cast Gallery at the same time as visitors are using the space.


When will you open on Saturdays again?

Saturday opening is, as ever, restricted to University term-time only, so when we reopen in December, we will be closed on Saturdays.


What if you have to close again?

There are several reasons we might need to close again: some form of local lockdown would be one, but we are also a very small museum with limited staffing. If we are unable to safely staff the Museum, regrettably we will have to email ticket holders to let them know their visit has been cancelled because the Museum will be shut.


Booking Tickets

Will I need to book a ticket?

Yes. We are asking all visitors to book a timed ticket online in advance, so that we can keep the number of people in our Cast Gallery low at all times.


Are timed tickets free?

Yes. All tickets are free. However, tickets are for timed entry times and must be booked in advance, either online or over the phone.


Can I get a ticket in person on the day?

It makes our lives a little easier if you book before 10am. But if you haven't, please book a ticket before entering the building, using the QR codes provided at the entrance. If you are unable to book at ticket, it will be because we are fully booked.


When are you releasing tickets?

We are releasing tickets one week in advance, at 10am each Tuesday.


How many tickets can I book?

The maximum number of tickets you can book in any timed slot is six. From 19 July, there will be no restrictions on who can visit together as a group of six. However, we are not yet increasing the number of tickets or taking group bookings.


Can I visit with someone from another household?

Yes, in groups of up to six people in any single ticket slot.


Can I book a group visit?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate group visits at this time. This is so that we can follow social distancing rules safely.


Can I book a school visit?

We are not currently able to facilitate school visits to the museum. However, we are working on an alternative offer the details of which you can see on our dedicated Schools Page. 

You can also contact our Education and Outreach Coordinator to discuss your needs:

Justyna Ladosz
Tel.: 01223 767044


My plans have changed and I don't need my ticket. What should I do?

You can contact us to let us know if you do not need your ticket.

Tel.: 01223 330402


How long should my visit be?

We are recommending visits of 45 minutes to one hour. If you would like to stay longer, you are welcome to do so. Please note that last admission is at 13.20 with closing time at 14.00.


NHS Track and Trace

Are you collecting contact details for NHS Track and Trace?

From 19 July, we are no longer required to collect your information for NHS Track and Trace. We will continue to display the QR code for use with the NHS Covid 19 app and we will be encouraging visitors to check-in on arrival.


How will you handle my personal information?

Personal information you provide when booking tickets will be managed securely through the ticketing system rather than by the Museum. We will destroy daily ticketing lists at the end of each day.



Hygiene and Safety Measures

What social distancing and safety measures have you put in place?

We are managing visitor numbers through timed tickets and pre-booking in order to keep help everyone keep a safe distance by reducing the number of people in our Cast Gallery. Our reduced opening hours mean that visitors will be using the Gallery at a different time to students.

There is hand sanitiser available in our building, as well as safe-distance signage and other guidance in our Gallery. We have increased cleaning in the Museum and there are screens in place on the front desk. You should expect to see Museum staff in face coverings, especially as they move around the Gallery and the building.


Will I need to wear a face mask or face covering?

From 19 July, we strongly encourage visitors to continue to wear a mask in the Museum and Faculty of Classics.

We understand that not everyone can wear a mask and that not all exemptions are visible. We ask all our visitors (and staff) to be mindful and understanding to others.


What personal protective equipment have you provided for your staff?

Our staff have been provided with face masks and visors to wear if they wish to. Perspex screens have been installed on our front desk. Hand sanitiser, gloves and wipes for equipment have also been provided.

The University of Cambridge has not mandated that students and staff wear masks, so as you move around the building, you will see members of the Faculty of Classics who are not wearing masks or face coverings. You may also see members of the Faculty in the Cast Gallery who are not wearing masks. This is because there are research offices in our space, whose occupants need to move through the Gallery to get in and out.


How have you ensured that visitors with disabilities will have access to the Cast Gallery?

Equality of access is important to us and we have considered issues of accessibility during our planning. Our usual measures remain in place: our step-free access via lift is located through a separate entrance to the building and we ask visitors to stop at the Enquiries Office as they arrive so that we can guide them through the alternative route.

Staff are mindful of the impact of the one-way system on accessibility and will ensure that all routes are clear before visitors with disabilities use them.


If I am unwell on the day of my visit, what should I do?

If you or anyone you live with displays symptoms associated with Covid-19, or if you’ve recently been in contact with someone who has Covid-19, we ask that you stay at home and delay your trip until it is safe to visit us.


What should I do if I feel unwell during my visit?

If you feel or a member of your group feels unwell during your visit, please follow the one-way system around the Cast Gallery to return to the front desk and alert a member of staff.


Is there a one-way system in the bays?

No. We've created a one way system through the Cast Gallery, but not in the individual bays. We ask that you take extra care to observe social distancing within each bay.


Why is there no hand sanitiser available in the Cast Gallery?

Good question! The answer is partly because our building is small so we felt we did not need sanitiser both on entry and within the Cast Gallery - there is not much to touch in our Gallery, after all. But it's also because we want to protect our casts and the alcohol in hand sanitiser is a risk to our collection. So please be very careful if you are using your own hand sanitiser as you go around.



Facilities and Events

Will the toilets be open?

Yes. Toilets are available in the foyer as you arrive and also on the exit route as you leave, whether you leave by the stairs or the lift. Only one person may enter the toilets at any one time.


What can I do with my bags?

We ask that visitors do not carry large bags around the Cast Gallery, to help us protect the casts. We have racks for bags which will be cleaned daily, but we suggest that visitors carry only small bags and rucksacks that they can hand- or front-carry.


Will some spaces remain closed?

No. Our Gallery is small and we are not anticipating closing any areas, unless we need access to specific casts/areas for conservation reasons or maintenance.


I am a visitor with access needs. How can I plan for my visit?

Equality of access is very important to us and we appreciate that our visitors have different needs. You can find out more about access to the Museum of Classical Archaeology by visiting our Museum Access page, and you can let us know your needs when you book your ticket.

If you have any concerns, you can contact us directly:

Phone: 01223 330402


Will there be babychanging available?

Baby changing is available in the accessible toilet in the main foyer entrance. Unfortunately, this will mean that you will need to exit via the one way system and come back in through the main entrance if you need to use the changing facilities during your visit. We realise this is an inconvenience and we are very sorry. However, this will not mean you cannot come back in to the Museum to continue your visit - our staff will entirely understand.


Will you be giving out leaflets, trails or large-text labels?

Leaflets and large text labels are now available again in the Gallery. Trails are available at the front desk on request.


Are buggies allowed in the Gallery?

Yes, as always we welcome families and visitors with young children. Usually, however, we would suggest parking buggies up by the entrance, but for now we suggest visitors take their buggy around the Gallery and take extra care where space is more restricted.


Will family activities and events be taking place?

We have changed our usual family programming. There is no on-site family or event programming running at the moment. This is so we can follow social distancing measures safely. Our interactive toys, dress-up box and worksheet activities have, sadly, also been packed away to reduce the number of touch points. 

We do have a number of brand new alternative activities, so that you can entertain the little ones on your visit. 


Can I buy postcards, highlights packs and books during my visit?

We are now handling cash again and are able to sell postcards, highlights packs and books at the front desk.

Unfortunately, we are not able to take card payments. Please contact us on if there is something you very much want to buy by post. (No, we can't sell you a cast. But we might be able to point you to someone who can...)


Can I sketch?

Yes. Please let us know when you arrive that you plan to sketch, and we will provide you with a chair that you can use around the Gallery. Our usual rules apply: please do not block any thoroughfares (this is now extra important!) or fire exits, please use only dry materials and no charcoal or pastels, and please be mindful of other visitors. Please return the chair to us at the Front Desk when you leave. We are looking forward to welcoming you back.


Where can I eat?

We do not allow food and drink in our Cast Gallery, and we do not have a cafe. We suggest eating on nearby Coe Fen, where you might spot a heron or a cow. There are cafes on site, but they are not currently open to the public.


I'm a member of the University and I want to teach in the Gallery. Can I do that?

We are not currently accepting group bookings, but we are hosting supervisions outside of visitor opening hours. However, we will be prioritising teaching within the Faculty of Classics. Please contact us directly to find out if we could accommodate your supervision: .

Every cast tells two stories.
One ancient. One modern.

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Sat: 2-5pm (univ. term-time only)
Sun and Monday: Closed

Closed on Bank Holidays


Saturday Opening

We are currently closed on Saturdays.

Please note: We are only open on Saturdays during University of Cambridge term time.


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