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The Corbett Lecture

The Corbett Lecture is an annual lecture by a distinguished scholar on a theme connected with ancient Greece. The list of past Corbett Lectures can be found HERE.

Did you know that we also have a collection of audio recordings of some of the previous Corbett lectures? These can be found HERE. 

The Corbett lectures are open to all members of the University and others who are interested, so please do feel free to come along.

The 2023 Corbett Lecture

Thursday 2 November at 5pm in room G.19, Faculty of Classics

"Nil novi? Remarks on the concepts ‘new’, ‘young’ and ‘old’ in antiquity"

Professor Daniel Kölligan (University of Würzburg)

Daniel Kölligan, Professor of Comparative Philology at the University of Würzburg, will discuss the linguistic encoding of the concepts ‘young’, ‘new’ and ‘old’, especially in relation to human old age in Greek and Roman antiquity, explore the ambiguous attitudes towards to it and offer insights into early  conceptualizations of ageing through an examination of Greek and comparative linguistic data.


Recent Corbett lectures

Professor Alex Purves, UCLA, gave the 2022 Corbett lecture.



Previous J.H. Gray Lectures

J.H. Gray Lectures


Plato’s Philebus is an oddity: Despite its audience-friendly project—a contest between pleasure and intelligence regarding their contribution to human happiness—it has never been among the dialogues most widely read, nor even popular, not even amongst Plato’s biggest fans. In the past thirty or so years, considerable work has been done to make the dialogue safe for philosophy, inside and outside of classical studies. In taking up the enigma of this work, these lectures will also consider the dialogue’s relation to the classical context more broadly and some aspects of its reception.


2022 Programme

In 2022, the J. H. Gray Lectures were delivered by Prof. Carlos Norena (UC Berkeley).

17th May

A recording of the lecture on Geographies of Power is available here.

18th May

Seminar: The Calibration of Interests (2pm G.21)

19th May

A recording of the lecture on Acculturation and Authority is available here.

The lectures and seminars will be held in person but a livestream will be available.  If you are interested in the livestream, please register your interest at  A link will be sent nearer to the time to those that have registered.


2021 Programme

In 2021 the J. H. Gray Lectures were delivered by Prof. Philomena Probert (Wolfson College, Oxford). Recordings of livestreams can be found below.

Video of lecture given on Tuesday 9th March, 5pm: 

Did the ancient Greeks do historical Linguistics?

A bibliography is available here.

Wednesday 10th March, 2pm: 

κακῶς λέγεις: how did Greek grammarians argue?

The seminar handout is available here

Video of lecture given on Thursday 11th March, 5pm:

Did the Romans do historical linguistics?

The bibliography for the second lecture is available here.


Latest news

Greek Literature and its Critics Conference

24 November 2023

The programme for the Greek Literature and its Critics conference, to be held on 7th - 9th December 2023 in room G21, is available here .

A.G. Leventis Professorship of Greek Culture

26 September 2023

The Board of Electors to the A.G. Leventis Professorship of Greek Culture invite applications for this Professorship from persons whose work falls within the general field of the Professorship to take up appointment on 1 September 2024 or as soon as possible thereafter. Further information is available at:

Professor Caroline Vout's book 'Exposed' named winner of 2023 London Hellenic Prize

12 June 2023

The Faculty is delighted to congratulate Professor Caroline Vout on her book Exposed being named winner of the 2023 London Hellenic Prize. Further details are available here: