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Faculty of Classics


Supervisor: Professor James Clackson

College: Newnham

Thesis title (preliminary): A Typology of Hyperbata on Classical Latin Prose


Before coming to Cambridge for my PhD in 2019, I was educated at Université Lyon 3 Jean Moulin (Lyon, France), Stockholm University (Sweden) and Università degli studi Ca’ Foscari (Venice, Italy). At Stockholm University, I worked as a research assistant to the Ars edendi programme Feb 2014–Dec 2015, organising guest lectures, copy-editing scholarly volumes, assisting the individual scholars in their research and co-organising a large international conference in August 2016. I also worked as a teaching assistant at the Department for Romance Studies and Classics Jan 2015–Sept 2017, teaching beginners’ and intermediary classes of Latin and Ancient Greek, as well as fulfilling administrative duties and supporting students with special needs. In February 2019, I took the initiative to and co-organised Scandinavia’s first student conference for Classics, generously funded by Kungl. Patr. Sällskapet and Hagendahls stiftelse to the value of £3.000 and uniting participants from three countries.


My PhD research focuses on hyperbaton in Republican Latin prose, examining this construction from a number of perspectives, including the categories of words involved, their syntactic and discursive functions, etc. I base my study on a searchable database containing over 20 000 items collected from the oratory works of Cicero, both ‘split’ noun phrases and ‘non-split’ ones used for comparison. 

Other academic interests

Historical linguistics, ancient and modern sociolinguistics, comparative syntax, foreign and second language acquisition.

Teaching and Supervisions


I teach Latin language and reading classes at the Faculty of Classics as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. I also supervise undergraduates for Latin language and Philology essays.

 Agnes  Vendel
Not available for consultancy

Latest news

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New research into a little-known text written in ancient Greek shows that ‘stressed poetry’, the ancestor of all modern poetry and song, was already in use in the 2 nd Century CE, 300 years earlier than previously thought.

Onassis Foundation endowing a fellowship for the creation of a new post in Classics

12 October 2021

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Roman York beneath the streets

12 October 2021

Martin Millett, Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology, University of Cambridge, and Dr John Creighton, Department of Archaeology, University of Reading, have been awarded a grant of £718,598 from the AHRC for a new project on Roman York (which will run from November 2022 to April 2024). The nature and topography of...

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11 October 2021

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