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Mr Ed Millband

Mr Ed Millband

Praeceptor at Corpus Christi College

Supervisor in Latin Language and Literature

Fourth-Year PhD Student in Classics Faculty


I am currently a fourth-year PhD student writing a commentary on Tacitus Annales 13, on a similar scale to those of Malloch (2013) on Annales 11 and Woodman (2018) on Annales 4. The aim of my commentary is to provide a detailed analysis of Tacitus' language and style, as well as to offer solutions to textual problems while disseminating points of literary and historical interest. I have recently (as of July 2020) been appointed Praeceptor at Corpus Christi College, in recognition of my work for the College as a supervisor of undergraduates in modules (from all four years of the undergraduate Tripos, including the Prelim year) pertaining to Latin language and literature. I have wider research interests in the depiction of women in literary Latin (on which I delivered a research paper in the 'A' caucus seminar in the Lent Term 2020), in intertextuality in Latin literature, and in the permeability between the boundaries of verse and prose registers in post-Augustan Latinity.

Research Interests

The historiography of Tacitus; the language of literary Latin, especially that written in the first and second centuries AD; the depiction of women and construction of gender in Latin literature; intertextuality in Latin literature.

Research Supervision

I can be consulted for advice on undergraduate (Part II) theses pertaining to Latin literature, especially Tacitus, Latin historiography and post-Augustan poetry, if required.

Other Professional Activities

I am a Library Invigilator in the Classics Faculty during Full Term.

Key Publications

Ten entries in Pagan, V. ed. (forthcoming) Tacitus Encyclopedia. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

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