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Dr Tiziana D'Angelo

Dr Tiziana D'Angelo

Temporary Lecturer in Classics (Classical Art & Archaeology)

Fellow, Director of Studies in Classics, Tutor at St Edmund's College

Office Phone: 01223 335155

Research Interests

  • Greek, Roman and Etruscan Art and Archaeology
  • Funerary art and material culture
  • Ancient painting and its modern reception
  • Relationship between art and text in Classical Antiquity
  • Iconography and iconology
  • Greek and Roman colonisation in Southern Italy
  • Private and public collecting and display of antiquities

Key Publications


(in preparation) Death, Colour and Identity: Funerary Wall Paintings in Southern Italy.

(in preparation) (with M. Muratov) "Scholarly Gems”: Charles W. King and His Collection.

Edited Volume

(2018) (with M. Muratov et al.) Collecting and Collectors from Antiquity to Modernity, Selected Papers on Ancient Art and Architecture, 4. Boston (Archaeological Institute of America).

Articles/Book Chapters

(forthcoming, 2018) ‘Messapian stelae: settlements, boundaries and native identity in Southeast Italy’, BABESCH Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology.

(forthcoming, 2018) ‘Greek power and Italic identity in 4th-century painted tombs at Poseidonia’, in Περὶ γραφικῆς. Pittori, tecniche, trattati, contesti tra testimonianze e ricezione, eds. E. Falaschi, A. Poggio. Milan.

(2018) (with M. Muratov) ‘“Fraudulent ingenuity”: Charles W. King and 19th-century collections of antique gems’, in T. D’Angelo, M. Muratov et al. (eds.), Collecting and Collectors from Antiquity to Modernity, Selected Papers on Ancient Art and Architecture, 4. Boston: 147-164.

(2018) (with M. Muratov) Introduction to Part Two: ‘Satis sit una aliqua gemma: Collecting Classical Gems from Antiquity through the 19th Century’, in T. D’Angelo, M. Muratov et al. (eds.), Collecting and Collectors from Antiquity to Modernity, Selected Papers on Ancient Art and Architecture, 4. Boston: 95-98.

(2017) 'Stele messapiche: segni di confine e d’identità nel Salento dell’Età del Ferro’, DialArchMed I.3, 673-682.

(2017) ‘La pittura funeraria pestana tra Magna Grecia e Roma’, in Action Painting: rito & arte nelle tombe di Paestum, eds. M. Niola, G. Zuchtriegel. Naples: 75-91.

(2017) ‘Medicine, religion and magic in two inscribed bronze tablets from Ticinum (CIL V 6414-6415)’, Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 202: 189-207.

(2016) (with M. Muratov) ‘Silent attendants: terracotta statues and death rituals in Canosa’, in Women's Ritual Competence in the Greco-Roman Mediterranean, eds. M. Dillon, E. Eidinow and L. Maurizio, London and New York: 65-93.

(2013) ‘Mirroring eyes: Narcissus and the others in Pompeian wall paintings’, in Il gran poema delle passioni e delle meraviglie. Ovidio e il repertorio letterario e figurativo fra antico e riscoperta dell'antico, eds. I. Colpo and F. Ghedini. Padua: 223-234.

(2012) ‘Etruscan colors in the XX century: the Tarquinian tombs and the Duell Collection’, in Segni e colore. Dialoghi sulla pittura tardoclassica ed ellenistica. Studia Archaeologica, 188, eds. M. Harari and S. Paltineri, Rome: 61-68.

(2011) ‘Un “Symposion in 4D”: spazio e memoria nel fregio della facciata della Tomba di Agios Athanasios’, in Pittura ellenistica in Italia e in Sicilia. Linguaggi e tradizioni, eds. G.F. La Torre and M. Torelli. Rome: 49-62

Upcoming events

Philological Society

Apr 26, 2018

Room G.21

Ancient History Seminar

Apr 30, 2018

Room G.21

Ancient History Seminar

May 06, 2018

Room G.21

J.H Gray Lectures 2018

May 08, 2018

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University Lectureship in Classics (Greek Literature)

Apr 04, 2018

Details of how to apply for this established post are now available on line. Closing date: 2 May 2018.

AHRC CDP Funded PhD position in Classics (Mycenaean Archaeology)

Mar 28, 2018

The University of Cambridge and the British Museum invite applications for a funded, three-year PhD in Classics (Mycenaean Archaeology).

Professor Emily Gowers: Sather Lectures

Mar 27, 2018

The Faculty offers its warmest congratulations to Professor Emily Gowers who has been invited to deliver The Sather Lectures at Berkeley in 2021/2.

Honorary Degrees

Mar 26, 2018

The Faculty is delighted to announce the award of an Honorary Degree by the University to Joyce Reynolds, and also by the University of Oxford to Mary Beard, at congregations on 20th June.

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