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Faculty of Classics


1. Weekly seminar

A weekly lunchtime seminar has been instituted, with 30-minute presentations by members of the Cambridge classical community and visiting scholars, followed by discussion. Some sessions of the seminar are also being used for the collaborative study of key texts, such as Cicero's Timaeus translation.

Easter Term 2009

28 April: Angelo Giavatto, '"Poseidonisches bei Marc Aurel": the evidence reconsidered'

5 May: Myles Lavan, 'Models for Roman power in Cicero's philosophical works'

12 May: Malcolm Schofield, 'Cicero on magnitudo animi'

Lent Term 2008

3 February

James Warren

Chrysippus’ Hand

10 February

Tessa Marzotto

Polemo, Aristotle and the Carneadea divisio in De Finibus V

(or Miriam Griffin, see below)

17 February

Miriam Griffin (Oxford)

The Politics of virtue: Puzzles in De Officiis

(or Tessa Marzotto, see above)

24 February

Ingo Gildenhard (Durham)

Cicero’s conception(s) of virtus

3 March

Philil Schmitz (Köln)

Self-love in Cicero’s De finibus III

10 March

Roberto Polito

Cicero and Pythagoras


Michaelmas term:

Oct. 16th: Anna Ju, 'Posidonius on 'Old authorities' and Pythagoreanism'
Oct. 23rd: Roberto Polito, 'Outlining memories: Aenesidemus and medical Empiricism'
Oct. 30th: James Warren, 'Cicero and Epicurean hedonism'
Nov. 6th: Timothy Hill, ‘Self-reflexivity: a problem in the protreptic of Lucretius?’
Nov. 13th: Myrto Hatzimichali, 'Potamo the Eclectic: physics and ethics'
Nov 20th: Paolo Badalotti, Reading Cicero's Timaeus
Nov. 27th: Reading Cicero’s Timaeus (introduced by David Sedley)

Lent term:

Jan. 22nd: Rebecca Flemming, ‘Athenaeus of Attaleia: Stoicising the medical art in the first century BC’
Jan. 29th: David Sedley, 'Lucretius, physics, and mental projection'
Feb. 5th: Anneli Luhtala (Helsinki), 'Grammar and Philosophy in the first century BC'
Feb. 12th: Christelle Veillard, ‘Hecato of Rhodes’
Feb. 19th: Jed Atkins, 'Cicero's Scepticism and Politics'
Feb. 26th: Lorenzo Corti, ‘The Pythagorean (?) doctrine in Sextus Empiricus, M IV’
March 4th: Sean McConnell, 'Cicero and Plato's Seventh Epistle'
March 11th: Kurt Lampe (Bristol), ‘Philosophy and poetry in Horace’s Epistles I’

Easter term:

April 29th: Roberto Polito, 'Photius on Aenesidemus: philosophical and textual aporiai'.
May 6th: Malcolm Schofield, 'Antiochus on the social nature of virtue'.
May 13th: Voula Tsouna (UC, Santa Barbara), 'The Epicurean concept of prolepsis and its uses in the 1st century BC.'
May 20th: Brad Inwood (University of Toronto), 'Antiochus' Physics Revisited'.


Michaelmas term

10/10/2006: Myrto Hatzimichali (Cambridge) 'Potamo of Alexandria and the Eclectic school'
17/10/2006: Peter Garnsey (Cambridge), 'Cicero on Property'
24/10/2006: Roberto Polito (Cambridge), 'Caesar on Civilization and Society'
31/10/2006: Anna Ju (Cambridge), 'Is only the World's Soul Immortal? - Posidonius on Plato's Phaedrus 245C'
7/11/2006: Stephen White (Texas), 'Posidonius on Scientific Explanation'
14 /11/2006: Paolo Badalotti (Udine), 'Philosophy in first-century BC Rhodes'
21/11/2006: Karl Steven (Cambridge), 'Philosophy and Rhetoric in Cicero ( De or . 3.56-73)'
28/11/2006: Andreas Schmidhauser (Geneva), 'Posidonius on Connectives (Ap. Dy. Con. 214.4-25)'

Lent term

30/01/07: Alex Long (Cambridge), 'Fate and Freedom in Virgil's Aeneid'
06/02/07: Vladimir Mikes (Prague), 'Plato's Timaeus in the 1st cent. BC: the Challenge of Transcendence: Posidonius, Cicero, Xenarchos'
13/02/07: Justine Wolfenden (London), TBA
20/02/07: Philip Hardie (Cambridge), 'Multiple Explanations in Lucretius and Later Latin Poets'
27/02/07: Sean Mc Connell (Cambridge), 'Lucretius' Role as a Popularizing Disseminator of Epicureanism in the Late Republic'
6/03/07: David Butterfield (Cambridge), 'The Chronology of Lucretius' De rerum natura and the Corpus Catullianum'
13/03/07: Georgia Tsouni (Cambridge), 'Cicero and Stobaeus on Peripatetic Ethics'

Easter Term

01/05/07: Bob Sharples (London), 'Habent sua fata libelli: Aristotle's Categories in the First Century BC'
08/05/07: Voula Tsouna (California, USA), 'Philodemus on Property Management'
15/05/07: 'Malcolm Schofield (Cambridge), 'Ciceronian Dialogue'
22/05/07: Rebecca Flemming (Cambridge), 'Medical Currents in First-Century BC Rome'


Michaelmas term

24/10/05: David Sedley, 'General Introduction and Doxography'
31/10/05: Malcolm Schofield, 'Cicero, Brutus and Stoicism in Tusc. V'
7/11/05: Richard Fletcher, 'Cicero's Timaeus - Contexts, Translation, Dialogue'
14/11/05: Reading and Comment on Cicero's Timaeus ; Roberto Polito, 'Nigidius Figulus'
21/11/05: Reading and Comment on Cicero's Timaeus
28/11/05: Myrto Hatzimichali, 'The strange fate of Aristotle's books'

Lent term

30/01/06: Roberto Polito, 'Aenesidemus' Revival of Pyrrhonism'
6/02/06: Kurt Lampe, 'The post-Sullan Diaspora: The 'End of the History of Philosophy'?'
13/02/06: Matthew Nicholls, 'Libraries and Literary Culture in Late Republican Rome'
20/02/06: Joachim Lacrosse 'Greco-Roman views on Indian Philosophers in the 1 st century BC'
27/02/06: Paolo Badalotti, 'The Greek terms in Cicero's Timaeus ; Cratippus of Pergamum; Publius Nigidius Figulus'
6/03/06: Anna Ju, 'Posidonius on Timaeus 35A: Was he reading Plato or Pythagoras?'
13/03/06: Voula Tsouna, 'Philodemus, On death : Philodemus on completeness, duration and dying'

Easter term

1/05/06: Ingo Gildenhard, 'Coming to terms with Cicero's philosophica '
8/05/06: Bernard Collette, 'Posidonius and the ekpurosis thesis. On Fragment 96 Ed. - Kidd'
15/05/06: Richard Fletcher, ' Multis erat in ore' : Cicero's Laelius De amicitia and the discursive production of philosophy'
22/05/06: Mauro Bonazzi, ' Eudorus of Alexandria and early Imperial Platonism'

2. Other related events

2005-6 Mayweek seminar, on this occasion funded as the Faculty of Classics' 'Laurence Seminar': Cicero, De officiis I.

Invited participants from outside Cambridge were Brad Inwood, Tony Long, Michael Pakaluk, Miriam Griffin, Charles Brittain, George Boys-Stones and Christopher Gill.

Michaelmas Term 2006 Ancient Philosophy weekly seminar: Cicero, Tusculan Disputations I.

B Club paper: 17 May 2006, Mauro Bonazzi, 'Eudorus' Psychology and Stoic ethics'.

Workshop on Antiochus of Ascalon was held on 9-11 July 2007, with contributions by an international group of scholars.

Conference, 13-16 July 2009: see separate page.

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